Legro renews fleet with Volvo trucks and shovels

Legro renews fleet with Volvo trucks and shovels

Legro, substrate and cover soil specialist, has commissioned four new Volvo FH tractors and two new Volvo L110H wheel loaders. The trucks are supplied by the Volvo Trucks dealer BAS Truck Center and the wheel loaders by SMT Nederland, a construction equipment specialist.

Legro chooses the convenience and quality of Volvo Trucks and Volvo Construction Equipment as well as a high level of service from the Netherlands BAS and SMT Truck Centers. Supplying every farmer with the best substrate for his cultivation: that is Legro’s mission. “That’s why we manage the entire production process ourselves: from raw materials to transportation,” says Franc Swinkels, General Manager of Legro. “This way we have a good overview of the production process and control over the entire chain and we can guarantee consistently high quality. We collect blends that are tailor-made for our customers, according to the wishes and circumstances of the farmer.”


Legro also carries out the hauling under its own management. “Every week we transport hundreds of containers to destinations around the world; by land and sea. Forty trucks are responsible for the supply of raw materials to our production sites and the delivery of substrates to our customers in Northwest Europe. Our own logistics planning ensures that we can respond very quickly, 365 days a year, to our customers’ questions and wants and deliver them when they want it.”

The first Volvo truck

Legro will order four Volvo FH 500 tractors with Turbo Compound engines for transport, the first of which has just been delivered. The trucks come in different configurations: both 4×2 tractors and 6×2 tractors. This is the first Volvo truck for Legro, a choice made in part on the basis of a successful demo with the Volvo FH. “The opportunity to test the demo truck in the field helped involve the driver in the process, especially since we didn’t have a Volvo truck at the time. Drivers are passionate: Volvo FH offers a truly next level of comfort. We were also very curious about real-world consumption figures as Turbo Compound engines are known for their low consumption.”

Safe and comfortable

The Volvo FH is fully equipped and combines driver comfort with safety. The trucks are equipped with leather interiors, luxurious driver seats and air-hung front axles. For optimal visibility and safety, the Active Safety package with extensive security functions and the Visibility Pro package, including a blind spot camera, have been selected.

To collaborate

The choice of Volvo trucks is also driven by the relationship with the BAS Truck Center. “Contact with the BAS Truck Center has been around for a long time and is good. It gave us the confidence to choose a Volvo truck. BAS Truck Center has a collaborative mentality and that is very interesting to us. We do the maintenance ourselves and our technicians receive training for this. Our drivers also receive extensive instructions on delivery, which in turn is linked to the Code 95 program.”

New Volvo wheel loaders

Legro has commissioned two new Volvo L110H wheel loaders for substrate loading and other work on the production site. The Volvo L110H wheel loader combines maximum comfort with visibility and productivity. The wheel loader is equipped with an ISRI air suspension seat and Comfort Drive Control (CDC). The CDC sits on the left armrest of the chair. Allows the operator to steer the machine left and right without using the steering wheel. This makes the work more ergonomic, especially when turning a lot and in a short time.
Swinkels: “For many years now, our fleet has consisted mostly of Volvo wheel loaders. Space, visibility and operator comfort are unmatched and are the main reasons for choosing a Volvo wheel loader. In addition, the dealer SMT service level is high. Contact with the workshop was great. Is there something wrong? They always provide solutions quickly. That is the basis for good cooperation.”