Wartburg 353 W: Wartburg with stick shift and H . license plate

Wartburg 353 W: Wartburg with stick shift and H . license plate

There’s something exciting for Wartburg lovers on eBay now! A Wartburg 353 W in red fire is offered there. The color matches the car perfectly and emphatically goes against the beige GDR car cliché.

Wartburg 353 W with stick shifter on eBay

DDR, Wartburg 353 W - eBay

Shifting sticks could make the Wartburg appealing to anyone who doesn’t like the steering wheel version.

The red wartburg seems to be very well maintained

The pictures show a car that appears to be in excellent condition. Paint shines, chrome parts flash in the light. There doesn’t appear to be any sign of wear – not to mention any damage. It fits that Wartburg has an H license plate and gets a new TÜV in April 2022.
DDR, Wartburg 353 W - eBay

The engine and transmission, along with many other assemblies, were completely overhauled two years ago.

According to the seller, the car was repainted once. The engine, transmission, clutch, brakes, steering and many other minor things were reportedly overhauled two years ago. The speedometer was also changed at the same time. The old mileage was 85,174 km, now there are 2305 km on the clock.

Classic car fans can use it

Inside is a sunroof, Blaupunkt radio, fog lamps, reverse and rear fog lamps, rear window heater, and electronic ignition. The price tag is 6750 euros. The seller is willing to negotiate.
DDR, Wartburg 353 W - eBay

Some of the paint is still new. Because of scratches, Wartburg apparently had to be re-wrapped.

You should know that before buying Wartburg

The Wartburg 353 is a representative of the lost car industry that gets a lot of the politically determined possibilities. This is a car that you can do yourself, even if you have no automotive training.
The spare parts situation is not good compared to the Trabant. This is simply because production figures at Eisenach near Wartburg in Thuringia are significantly lower than at the Trabant Sachsenring factory in Zwickau in Saxony. However, the right parts can be found with patience. Even if they have to be original from the GDR production.

This should be seen as closely as possible

When buying a Wartburg 353, you should pay attention to three things: the possibility of rust, the operation of a two-stroke three-cylinder engine and the functioning of the gearbox.
In addition to the fenders and sills, the front dome and boom and rear wishbone are very important to check. The engine should run so quietly that you can have a live conversation in the open hood without raising your voice. If it creaks when you use one or more gears, the synchronization ring may be damaged. It needs to be fixed.