PreZero has the first Dutch language with electric Scanias

PreZero has the first Dutch language with electric Scanias

A first in the Netherlands for PreZero. Specialists in waste management and recycling will pilot the first 100% electric Scania in the municipality of Arnhem to collect waste from various recycling centers.

This concerns the Scania 25P B6x2*4 Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). This Scanias has a fully electric powertrain and is equipped with a hooklift system. The electric motor with a continuous output of 230 kW is powered by a battery with a total installed capacity of 300 kWh. This gives the vehicle a variety of measures to be used completely without emissions within the municipality of Arnhem.

100% Recycling waste, that’s the end goal of PreZero Netherlands. This sustainable idea does not stop at processing waste streams, but also extends to enterprise-wide logistics processes. PreZero fleets often operate in urban areas. This is the place where the new electric truck is theirs.

Clean transportation

Iwan te Winkel, Director of Collection & Operations at PreZero Netherlands: “From 2025, the first thirty major cities must have emission-free zones. The emission-free city center also includes clean transportation. With 2025 goals on the horizon, you can no longer invest in fossil vehicles. That’s why we try to make our fleet more sustainable and save on emissions and fuel as much as possible. This electric Scania is a great example of this.”

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PreZero deploys electric Scanias in the municipality of Arnhem. Arnhem has big ambitions when it comes to reducing CO2emissions in cities and energy conscious living and entrepreneurship. Under the title ‘Arnhem’s New Artificial Energy’, the municipality has various ongoing initiatives. The new electric Scania is part of this.

‘A cleaner looking city’

Alderman Bob Roelofs, who is in charge of waste policy in Arnhem, praised the development: “Together with our residents, we are working with our waste policy towards a cleaner looking city. It’s great that we can now use these clean trucks, in terms of emissions. And it’s great that we were able to put Arnhem’s initiatives in the area of ​​energy transition in the spotlight.”


The Scania battery electric truck is equipped with a CCS charging connector. With 130 kW DC charging, nine batteries can be fully charged in less than 1.5 hours. Trucks can also be loaded with regenerative braking, much like modern Formula 1 cars.

The new Scania trucks are equipped with e-PTO. In this case, it is the electrical connection in the frame. Bodybuilders can draw voltage here with a maximum power of 60 kW to electrically propel the body, as in this case the hooklift system built by VDL Groep. Therefore, the truck can operate completely without emissions under all circumstances.