Volvo construction vehicles get new features

Volvo Trucks introduces a variety of new features for Volvo construction vehicles. Its function is to improve safety, drivability and assist in precise maneuvering in tight spaces and on bumpy or slippery roads, such as on construction sites.

“Thanks to several smart updates to I-Shift, we were able to provide a variety of new functions. It improves driving characteristics, safety and comfort. They are designed to give the driver more control and ease of use when maneuvering,” says Pär Bergstrand, Heavy Duty Transmission Manager at Volvo Trucks.

More precision

Terrain Brake is a new solution for driving at low speeds on difficult and uneven terrain. This feature makes maneuvering the truck easier and safer.

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If the driver brakes when one of the wheels is on the edge of a raised surface, such as a boulder or pavement at that time, the wheel may roll before the driver has time to brake. This makes it difficult to maintain control of the vehicle. The new Terrain Brake solution brakes as soon as the driver releases the accelerator pedal. The truck then maintains its position without rolling, making it possible to make small movements with high precision.

construction site

“Terrain Brake is ideal for off-road conditions. Such as at a construction site, in a mine or when driving frequently on uneven roads. It can also be useful when maneuvering in the city and driving over speed bumps and pavements. Regardless of the situation, it gives the driver more agility and control, making work safer and easier,” continued Pär Bergstrand.

Change direction

Change Direction is another solution that makes it easier to maneuver the truck at low speeds. Situations such as turning in confined spaces or backing down on a loading dock usually require short, sharp moves. The driver must switch between the brakes and the accelerator pedal. Now, instead of braking, the driver can reverse the vehicle while still moving forward. This new function ensures the truck stops automatically. Then it starts to reverse, while the driver simply presses the accelerator pedal. To move forward again, all he needed to do was shift into front gear and hold down the gas pedal.

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Active Handle Control

Active Grip Control is a feature that significantly improves stability and acceleration in slippery conditions. If the truck begins to skid, multiple sensors ensure that the vehicle’s steering system reacts intelligently to the road surface to help the driver stay on the road. This new feature is also designed to reduce the risk of sliding and oversteer when driving without a load.

Volvo Trucks has also updated the cruise control. It can be activated at speeds set as low as 4 km/h, or even 2 km/h, if equipped with the optional creep gear.

“I am very proud that we have succeeded in developing so many useful functions that not only improve driving on construction sites, but are also useful in many other situations, such as in transporting logs and while driving in the city,” concludes the mountain coast of Pär.