electric trucks for regional transportation

electric trucks for regional transportation

Scania introduces electric trucks for regional long-distance transportation. Scania is available with the famous R (Scania 45R) and S (Scania 45S) sleeper cabins and production will begin in the second half of 2023.

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“This launch is an important milestone for us and our partners,” said Christian Levin, CEO of Scania. “We are now expanding our offering in all dimensions by opening up new possibilities for a wide range of customers and the entire transportation ecosystem. These trucks are part of an all-encompassing solution that the electrification of the transport sector demands.”

‘Big step forward’

Scania’s new generation of BEV trucks are based on the classic Scania runway. Such as modularity, durability and total return on investment that can match or even exceed the expectations of conventional trucks. And Scania’s newest electric truck is accompanied by all the operational and service factors that make it a complete solution, including charging, financing, insurance and maintenance facilities.

“Adding this solution to the Scania portfolio is a huge step forward for customers looking to be at the forefront,” said Fredrik Allard, Senior Vice President and Head of Electrification at Scania. “We are making the transition easier for our customers by incorporating key customer values. Such a close partnership and zero emissions.”


With Scania’s new trucks, customers will be able to use a rigid or a tractor-trailer combination; such as temperature-controlled transport. The range varies according to weight, configuration and topography. The 4×2 tractor with six batteries can cover up to 350 km between charges, with an average speed of 80 km/h on the road. A fixed route that provides scheduled replenishment at the home depot or at the destination is the most preferred. Occasional charging during the driver’s mandatory 45-minute break will certainly increase the range.

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Scania 45R and 45S payload up to 375 kW. That means that as a rule of thumb, an hour’s charge adds about 270 to 300 km of range. The sustained power of the Scania 45 R or S is 410 kW (equivalent to about 560 hp). The electric Scania can be ordered immediately and production will begin in the second half of 2023.


Scania’s new BEV trucks can initially be ordered as a 4×2 tractor unit or as a rigid 6×2*4. The 4×2 tractor requires a wheelbase of 4,150mm if it has six batteries, thus benefiting from regulations for larger vehicle sizes in Europe. GTW up to 64 tons, according to typical Scandinavian combinations, can be specified.

“Scania has now reached maturity in our electricity offering,” said Allard. “With the significant additions to our existing hybrid and urban distribution BEVs that we introduce in 2020, we are now able to offer our customers a portfolio of sustainable and versatile zero-emissions solutions.”

Charging infrastructure

“Overcoming global CO2challenges mean we all have to produce and consume in new ways,” Levin said. “Reducing, reusing and recycling has always been important to Scania. The only thing standing in the way of a major transition is a full charging infrastructure, but we’re also seeing progress there.”

Indeed, the availability of a charging solution is critical for customers looking to invest in a BEV truck. Scania has worked closely with global partners. With Scania as a single point of contact, they are able to offer a complete charging solution ensuring a seamless and future-proof experience for BEV customers.

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