GMA T.50 sounds unreal doing a tunnel run

The Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 was designed to emphasize the driving experience over raw numbers. In one crucial area, it’s succeeded.

This video posted to the Anytimespy YouTube channel shows a T.50 accompanied by several examples of its inspiration—the McLaren F1—as they drive through a tunnel on an F1 owners tour in Italy. The T.50 sounds absolutely unreal. The shriek echoing off the tunnel walls recalls V-10 Formula 1 race cars, and even makes the McLaren F1 sound a bit tame by comparison.

The source of that amazing sound is a bespoke naturally aspirated 3.9-liter V-12 developed by Cosworth. The lack of forced induction helps improve this engine’s aural qualities, and allows it to rev to 12,100 rpm. It’s also coupled to a 6-speed manual transmission. 

The V-12 produces 654 hp and 344 lb-ft of torque, which may not seem that impressive by modern supercar standards, but it’s still enough to chirp the wheels at just 3,000 rpm. For comparison, the F1’s BMW-sourced 6.1-liter V-12 produces 618 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque.

Only 125 T.50 supercars will be built, including 100 road cars like the one shown here, and 25 T.50s Niki Lauda track versions. Pricing starts at the equivalent of $3.26 million, but the entire production run is sold out.

Once homologation and production of the T.50 is underway, GMA will shift focus to the less-hardcore T.33 supercar. This follow-up model has a 100-unit production run that has also sold out, despite a $1.8 million price tag. In a recent interview, GMA founder Gordon Murray said an electric SUV is also in the works.