Polar Special

Polar Special neemt Truvion Healthcare Logistics completed

Polar Special took over Truvion Healthcare Logistics BV, Truvion Healthcare’s logistics arm. Polar Special is part of the Cornelissen Group. This acquisition further strengthens Polar Special in the Pharmaceutical market.

These two family businesses are known for their expertise and a modern outlook on the market in which they operate. By applying further focus and specialization in their chosen services, both companies are ready for the future.

“Further strengthening”

“We see the acquisition of Truvion Healthcare Logistics as a further strengthening of our services. Pharmacy is becoming more of a real specialty in the market. This increase in scale allows us to offer a wider portfolio of services to our customers. Scale is also needed to keep pace with the increasing quality, flexibility, sustainability and digitization requirements in the sector,” said Mark van der Drift, CEO of Polar Special.


“The sale of this logistics activity is a strategic choice to focus more on the company. With this we can continue to build on our current portfolio and also introduce (innovative) products, concepts and services in the Healthcare field, with the aim of contributing to the quality of care for patients in the Benelux,” said Oliver de Graaf. CEO of Truvion Healthcare on acquisition.

Polar Special will remain our logistics service provider and we look forward to this partnership. In addition, we are very happy that our people once again have a family business like Polar Special.” The company is part of the Cornelissen Group. After the takeover, the company will grow to an annual turnover of €150m and over 1,100 employees. With a strong transportation network, warehousing, value-added logistics and a wide range of distribution options, the Cornelissen Group offers an innovative logistics solution platform for Retail, FMCG and Pharmaceutical companies, among others.

Polar special

Mark van der Drift (left) and Oliver de Graaf.