‘Barnfind’: Factory new Scania 144 530 V8

Our attention is drawn to a very special advertisement on the Facebook page of Scania-Truckparts.com… A spare parts dealer offers a brand new Scania 144L 530 V8 from the factory.

A call with owner Andre Goris informed us that the quirky Scania has now been sold and will be moving to Ireland. The new Scania factory was registered on January 1, 2001 according to RDW data and only drove 100 kilometers.

“We bought it in 2020 in Switzerland where the 4 series is in bodybuilders. The truck was purchased at the time by a father and son, race team owners, and a bodywork company would adapt the truck. The two had a fight and 144 was parked, but was never picked up again.”

Many fans had their hearts beating faster when they saw the photos. This concerned a fourteen-liter V8 with 530 hp, Scania’s strongest eight cylinder at the time. The Scania 4-series was introduced in 1996 and replaced by the R-series in 2005. The truck is equipped with a GRS-900 gearbox with retarder and the truck has air suspension all around.

“We recovered a lot of trucks, but this is really a picture. When you open the grille and tilt the cab, the original glossy finish comes to you. No restoration can match that,” said Andre enthusiastically.

And let’s hope the new owners keep the trucks original, because you won’t see them like this Scania again.