Sligro and Loos deploy eActros for Amsterdam delivery

Sligro and Loos deploy eActros for Amsterdam delivery

Sligro Food Group and Simon Loos are taking the next step in providing emission-free capital. Recently, fully electric Mercedes-Benz eActros refrigerated trucks have been used for delivery to hotels, bars, restaurants, sports clubs and other Sligro Food Group customers.

With this new acquisition, Simon Loos and Sligro Food Group ensure emission-free delivery within the environmental zone of Amsterdam. “We are very excited about this new vehicle,” said Yvonne Poels, Transport Manager at Sligro Food Group. “This is a welcome addition to the eight Simon Loos electric vehicles we already have in the capital.”

To learn

Learning Poels hopes to learn a lot from the new truck. “For Sligro Food Group, this is the first vehicle to be purchased directly as an electric vehicle. Other vehicles have been converted from diesel to electric. The use of eActros fits perfectly with Sligro Food Group’s ambition to make our transportation more sustainable.”

‘Very suitable’

“We admire Sligro Food Group’s dedication to jointly taking this green step forward,” said Wim Roks, fleet manager at Simon Loos. The logistics service provider’s growing electric fleet consists of more than twenty large trucks. Simon Loos now mainly uses eActros for supermarket deliveries. For Sligro Food Group, electric trucks are used for relatively shorter distances. “It’s also a perfect fit for that,” said Roks. “In the city center, where you brake and accelerate a lot, you benefit from the fact that the car generates its own electricity when braking.”

Continuous deployment

“Our drivers are very happy with the eActros. The experience we have is very good,” said Wim Roks. Simon Loos has been working to gain experience in electric transport in his own segment since 2014. Simon Loos has carried out extensive practice tests with the eActros together with Mercedes-Benz since 2020 and it is paying off. Driver Simon Loos has the knowledge and experience to use electric trucks sustainably.

The 27 ton eActros electric tour de force is fully electric and therefore emission-free and extremely quiet. The truck has a 3-axle chassis with a steered rear axle. With a battery capacity of 335 kWh, it is also possible to cover a driving distance of at least 200 kilometers with a combined freezer and cooling insert in all circumstances. At the same time, the battery powers the Frigoblock cooler.

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