Route control while working on Galecopperbrug A12 near Utrecht

For the first time, motorists can be fined through section control if they don’t slow down for road work. Previously, the maximum speed in the inspection section was never adjusted for work, but now it happens on the A12 in Utrecht Galecopperbrug.

When working on the road, the speed limit is always reduced for the safety of road workers. This is sometimes checked with a speed camera or a portable speed camera, but never before with a speed check 24 hours a day.

Achilles Damen national traffic officer said di NOS Radio 1 News that installing route control is too expensive for that. According to him, this opportunity now arises because “the work trajectory happens to be exactly the same as the measuring trajectory that is already operating”.

Higher fines than usual

Checks are necessary because drivers often don’t reduce their speed to work, Damen said. “People are driving too fast and that poses a risk, to themselves, but especially to road workers.”

The Attorney General’s Office fines speed limit violations during road works higher than normal traffic violations, because the safety of road workers is at stake. Speeding twenty kilometers in the zone with a maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour usually costs the driver 146 euros. For work, this amount rises to 187 euros.


Work on the Galecopper Bridge is confirmed to last until spring 2024.

During the renovation there will be fewer or narrowed paths in and around the Galecopper Bridge. Rijkswaterstaat has announced that the bridge will sometimes be completely closed later this year. However, the lower speed limit will be monitored until early 2024. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the change in speed regulation is clearly visible from the signs along the road.

Bron: NOS