I don’t know how many of you regularly read this editorial. By the way, I’m happy about everyone. But longtime readers of AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS will know that I didn’t get much out of it. This is the case with cars, music and editorial. I prefer to report in an unconventional way about what I’m experiencing behind the wheel or what’s currently occupying my mind in the automotive world – sometimes from faraway countries. It was almost impossible in the last two years, but now I’m on vacation again. Two weeks in Scotland, 2500 kilometers in left-hand traffic. No, sadly not on the dream tour of page 86. The fact that Fortune partner also hijacked Scotland with two Aston Martins is pure coincidence. Driving on the “wrong” side is easy to spot, but I find the British fascination for things sporty to be truly remarkable – in every body shape.

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The big ’90s Japanese coupé scene is striking, and the WRX STIs of nearly every generation are also encountered regularly – of course, because of the right-hand drive. Tuned minibuses take the cake, though: you barely see a VW Multivan or Ford Transit that doesn’t wear a sports apron or rally stripe. I even found a lower-end Renault Trafic with sportswear, big rims and black and yellow RS paint. I wonder if this trend will happen to us too.

Happy reading, your Alexander Bernt (editor manager)

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