Mercedes 300E 24V (W 124): Cool Benz in immaculate condition

Mercedes 300E 24V (W 124): Cool Benz in immaculate condition

Mercedes W 124 stands for classic Benz virtues and is perfect for anywhere in everyday life. That’s why Mercedes fans love the legendary Daimler. Taxi drivers love to drive limousines just as much as managers. Movie stars can be seen in the convertible. Station wagons swallow luggage like buses. And anyone who likes unique athletes will love the 500 E developed with Porsche.
The very attractive Mercedes W 124 is currently being offered for sale on eBay. According to information, it was a 24V 300E with 220 hp and a five-speed Getrag gearbox. The car is from Spain. The price tag is 7900 euros.

Mercedes 300E 24V (W 124)

ebay Mercedes W124 300E

Mercedes has been on the roads in dry Spain all her life. Apparently that did him good.

Mercedes score with quality list

Daimler’s description leaves you wanting more. It starts with the information that he has a complete checkbook with Mercedes. Thus, there is a service every 10,000 kilometers. Spain’s drought definitely makes for good cars. From the jack points to the sheet metal around the taillights, this car is described as rust-free. Even the underbody should be fine. Wheel arches are not flanged. Due to the 120 km/h speed limit in Spain, the Benz did not “burn” according to the seller.
ebay Mercedes W124 300E

The 24-valve engine under the hood makes 220 hp and, according to information, runs very leisurely.

Dynamic enthusiasts can look forward to the 5-speed gearbox from Getrag in first gear on the bottom left. In addition, there is a relatively wide range of equipment, including leather seats. The seller assumes that it is still the first skin from the factory. Dashboard is not cracked. Both point out that the Benz is mostly parked in the garage.
ebay Mercedes W124 300E

Nice detail: the move is done manually! The five-speed Getrag transmission handles the traction.

These points should be carefully checked before buying a Mercedes

Of course, a thorough inspection of the advertised car is highly recommended. Starting with a test drive. You can look through the history along with the seller: What has been done to the car? When did it happen? Who does the work and what is the quality of the results?

Classic car friends can use it

ebay Mercedes W124 300E

The Daimler on offer is well maintained and rarely used in photos in advertisements.

The worst drawback of the W 124 is its susceptibility to rust. Therefore, despite the description, it is worth carefully inspecting the car during the inspection. Shot jacking like a bum. It should be well known. But rust can also bite on the rear wheel arches, the ends of the front fenders, the floor panels in the engine compartment and other places on the cult Benz.