News: Renault introduces Kangoo and Master E-TECH

News: Renault introduces Kangoo and Master E-TECH

The all-new electric Renault Kangoo E-Tech builds on the Kangoo with an internal combustion engine. By installing the battery under the floor, the Kangoo E-Tech’s electric charging capacity does not change. The L1 version offers a payload volume of up to 3.9 m3, a payload of 527 kg and a maximum towing weight of 1,500 kg. The longer L2 variant, to be launched at a later stage, offers a loading volume of 4.9 m3, a payload of 700 kg and a towing capacity of 1,500 kg. Other distinctive features of the Renault Kangoo electric such as the unique ‘Open Sesame by Renault’, ‘Easy Inside Rack’ and ‘Renault Easy Life’ can also be found on the electric powered variant.


The Kangoo E-Tech electric has a new 45 kWh lithium-ion battery, consisting of eight independent modules that are easy to repair. The 300 km range (WLTP) provides extra peace of mind and is sufficient for many users to travel throughout the day, at very favorable operating costs. The version with the 22 kW charger installed has a liquid-cooled battery and electrical resistance to maintain the correct operating temperature and thereby optimize charging range and time. Kangoo E-Tech electric also comes with an official 8 years/160,000 km warranty from the manufacturer for the battery, which can be replaced free of charge if the capacity is reduced to less than 70% of the nominal value (SoH) within the warranty period.

The Kangoo E-Tech electric wheel is powered by a 90 kW electric motor. 245 Nm of torque is available right from the stand, which ensures flexibility in all conditions. Eco mode, which limits engine power and top speed, helps increase range and performs best when riding with light loads. In addition, there are three regenerative braking modes for the driver to choose from:

  • Sailing (display icon B1): limited regeneration, suitable for road driving.
  • Drive (B2): Standard regenerative mode with a metered delay when the power pedal is released, similar to engine brake on fuel models.
  • Brake (B3): maximum regeneration, suitable for city traffic, traffic jams and on mountain roads.

In the new Kangoo E-Tech electric, the conventional hydraulic braking system is supported by the Adaptive Regenerative Brake System (ARB) which maximizes the amount of energy recovered regardless of the mode selected.

Thanks to the different combinations of driving and regeneration modes, the driver can choose from six different driving styles to optimize comfort and range depending on vehicle use and traffic conditions. Information about the selected driving mode, electric propulsion system power management and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is displayed on the optional fully digital 10″ instrument panel.

For optimal coverage in every season, the air conditioner in Kangoo E-Tech’s new electric uses a heat pump. It allows heating in winter and cooling in summer by operating on the principle of reversible air conditioning. The heater supplies the passenger compartment with heat obtained from the outside, while the air conditioner takes cold air from the passenger compartment to exhaust it outside the car. The heat pump operates optimally in temperatures between -15 and +15 degrees Celsius and helps save up to 85 km of range. Additionally, the electric Kangoo E-Tech is optionally available with heated front seats, windshield1 and steering wheel1. These features provide extra thermal comfort, while having minimal impact on reach.

Renault supplies the Kangoo E-Tech with three charger options installed:

  • 11 kW 3-phase built-in charger, suitable for standard charging points.
  • 22 kW 3-phase built-in charger, perfect for extra-fast charging at common charging points.
  • A 22 kW 3-phase onboard charger combined with an 80 kW DC fast charger that can be charged up to 170 km in 30 minutes (optional).

The Kangoo E-Tech electric battery can be charged from 15-80% in 2 hours 40 minutes via an 11 kW charging point. It takes just under 6 hours through the 7.4 kW charging point. Thanks to the MyRenault app and the Renault Easy Link multimedia system, the Kangoo E-Tech electric offers a wide range of connectivity services:

  • Scheduled charging with remote charging status monitoring.
  • Heating/cooling the passenger compartment prior to departure.
  • Find charging points along the way.
  • Calculate the reach of the destination with the remaining battery charge.

Renault Master E-Tech electric

The new electric Renault Master E-Tech is now equipped with a 52 kWh battery. This means that this large electric commercial vehicle from Renault offers a range of 200 km (WLTP). As in the new Kangoo E-Tech electric, the conventional hydraulic braking system is supported by the Adaptive Regenerative Brake System (ARB) which maximizes the amount of energy recovered regardless of the mode selected. To further optimize reach and comfort, the Master E-Tech electric also features an Eco mode – which limits engine power and top speed – and tires with low rolling resistance.

Electric Renault Master E-Tech offers two charging solutions:

  • 7.4 kW AC 1 phase built-in charger, suitable for various charging points.
  • 22 kW DC fast charger that provides 45 minutes of charging for a distance of 50 km in 45 minutes.

The Master E-Tech electric battery can be charged to 80% in about 5 hours via a 7.4 kW charging point. The electric motor with an output of 57 kW (76 hp) is highly efficient and suitable for driving in urban and extra-urban areas. Renault supplies the Master E-Tech with a choice of thirteen variants instead of the previous eleven. For example, the 52 kWh commercial vehicle is available in three lengths and three heights, and with payloads of 3,100, 3,500 and then also 3,800 kg.

All four Closed Order versions offer loading volumes of 8 to 15 m3. This means that the electric-powered version of the Renault Master offers the same load space as the version with the combustion engine. Both chassis-cab versions are available in L2 or L3 length variants and are an ideal base for conversions such as flatbeds, tippers and Cityboxes.

Other features in the cabin of the Renault Master E-Tech electric are:

  • Extendable ‘Easy Life’ table above glove compartment includes cup holder, handy for lunch or other work from the passenger seat
  • Easily accessible ‘Easy Life’ drawer with 10.5 liter capacity
  • Inductive charger for smartphone
  • Tablet docking station in the center of the dashboard
  • R-link Evolution infotainment system

Electric Master E-Tech is also available with the latest technology in ADAS:

  • Front Garden Help
  • Rear parking assistance
  • Reverse camera
  • Rear View Assist, where the screen, instead of the interior mirror, continuously displays an image from the rear camera, for optimal visibility behind the vehicle regardless of the type of commercial vehicle or the load behind
  • Crosswind Assist (standard) activated above 70 km/h and corrects up to 50% of vehicle lateral deviation
  • Automatic lights and wipers (standard)
  • Active Emergency Braking System (AEBS)
  • Line Departure Warning