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Cupra Tavascan (2024): Electric SUV coupé goes into series production

At IAA 2019, Cupra demonstrated with a study how the sports brand Seat envisioned a fully electric SUV. Now it’s clear: the Cupra Tavascan is going into series production. However, customers still have to be patient, because the coupé SUV will only be present on the market until 2024.



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A new image of the Cupra’s second electric model (number one is the Cupra Born in VW ID.3 size) shows a close-series model heavily based on research – here the designers opted for an extroverted look. For an electric car, the front looks amazingly jagged. The large gap is intended for airflow and, among other things, to deliver cooling air to the battery.

The Illuminated Cupra logo may not be serialized

The concept also shows the illuminated Cupra logo in the area under the apron, which has now been moved to the hood – a detail that might not have been expected in the production version. The headlights have a new light graphic in a triangular design, which can already be seen on Terramar and may also decorate future Cupra models.
Overall, the Tavascan’s face looks insect-inspired and vaguely reminiscent of the Lotus Elise. On the side, the large muscles modeled towards the rear wheel arch are striking. It makes the back of the Cupra appear very wide.
Tavascan Cupra Study

At the back of the study, the apron cites the design of the front. The continuous strip of light has the Cupra logo.

The concept is based on 22 inch wheels made in a turbine design. They should benefit aerodynamics and accept copper-colored rims well. The sills form the winglets to the rear wheels (Guide: These are the best summer tires of 2022!) The rear of the Tavascan Concept looks solid and quite tall.

It carries a continuous band of lights that has the brand logo lit up in the center. Here too, we expect that the production version might have to do with the non-powered version. The rear apron takes on the rugged design from the front and houses a racing-inspired headlight in the center.

Cupra Tavascan interior with fully digital cockpit

The interior of the Tavascan study room has a very small design. The 12.3-inch screen replaces the speedometer unit, and another 13-inch screen is responsible for infotainment. The larger screen can also be rotated to face the passenger if needed. Underneath there are touch buttons arranged in a row. The gear is activated and the hazard warning light is on.

Cupra models in the used car market AUTO BILD

Touch surfaces can also be found on the spokes of the steering wheel, which, like the front and rear, have an illuminated logo on the shock absorbers. You control the infotainment and digital cockpit. The start button and driving mode switch are also located on the steering wheel. Carbon and Alcantara did not escape the show car. How much makes it into a series remains to be seen.
Tavascan Cupra Study

Touch surfaces on the steering wheel control the infotainment and digital cockpit.

Up to 306 hp from two electric motors in the Cupra Tavascan is possible

Cupra uses the VW Group MEB platform as the floor assembly for the Tavascan. The Spaniard has yet to announce whether the production version will have a study drive or whether it will have a weaker bike. The concept car is powered by two electric motors that together produce 306 hp (225 kW).
That should be enough to accelerate the SUV to 100 in 6.5 seconds. Motors are mounted on the front and rear axles and make the SUV an all-wheel drive vehicle. The 77 kWh battery should allow for a range of 450 km according to the WLTP.