6.7 million speeding fines in 2021

By 2021, almost 6.7 million speeding fines will be issued in our country. The most violations were committed at Stichtse Vecht, followed by Rotterdam, Haarlemmermeer, Utrecht and Amsterdam.

These five municipalities together even accounted for a quarter of all Dutch speeding fines last year. In the Netherlands, more than 80,000 fines are issued for people driving more than 30 km too fast. This can be seen from the Independent’s analysis based on data from the Central Judiciary Agency (CJIB).

The most speeding fines were awarded in 2021 at Stichtse Vecht (511,630). In particular, the control section on the A2 – the highway that runs through the municipality – recorded the number of vehicles exceeding the maximum speed of 100 km/h. Also in Rotterdam (376,632), Haarlemmermeer (327,632), Utrecht (318,020) and Amsterdam (220,028) many road users received reports of speeding last year. It concerns fines for cars, motorcycles, mopeds and trucks.

Highest average fine in Flevoland

The average speeding offence fine in 2021 is 8 km/h, although this differs greatly regionally. For example, Flevoland generally drives the fastest. Of all the speeding fines where the exact speed is stated, the average speed limit in Flevoland is 9.7 km/h. At Drenthe (9.1 km/h) and Groningen (9.1 km/h) the average offense was also more serious.

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“If you cause an accident, the other party will be compensated. Even if you drive too fast. But in the case of ‘reckless’ behavior, behavior in which you accept a high risk of damage, the insurance company can recover the damage from you. For example, when driving under the influence or driving too fast. There is no hard limit to this, but it will be assessed on a case by case basis,” said Independent auto expert Menno Dijcks.

The biggest speed demon in North Holland Koggenland

The difference is greater at the local level. Of all the cities with an average of at least one fine per day, the most extreme speed drivers drive in Koggenland. In this municipality of North Holland, road users who are fined even driving more than 20 km/h are too fast on average. Last year, 80,000 fines were issued across our country for people driving more than 30 km too fast.

“Penalties for speeding can have a big impact on car insurance. You will receive a penalty if you drive more than 30 km per hour in and outside the built area. On the highway the speed is 40 km per hour. You must report this for the next eight years when applying for another insurance policy. For example, if you buy another car or want to switch to cheaper insurance. The insurer can then reject you because you pose a ‘greater moral risk’ to the insurance company. Therefore, it is easier for you to insure in the future,” said Dijks. Last year, around 48,000 people were convicted of speeding.

The top 5 municipalities with the highest average speed violations are as follows:

  1. Koggenland, North Holland (average 22.7 km/h too fast)
  2. Waadhoeke, Friesland (average 13.5 km/h too loud)
  3. De Wolden, Drenthe (average 13.1 km/h too fast)
  4. Bodegraven-Reeuwijk, South Holland Province (average 13 km/h too fast)
  5. Heerde, Gelderland (11.5 km/h average too fast)