Jan Knijnenburg BV starts using Arocssen with e-pto

Jan Knijnenburg BV starts using Arocssen with e-pto

From now on, landscaping in The Hague city center will largely take place without diesel consumption and emissions. To this end, Jan Knijnenburg BV is expanding its fleet with six new Mercedes-Benz Arocs tippers. Four of them are equipped with e-pto: a crane that runs on batteries and an electric pump.

Trucks equipped with tippers and cranes usually operate on engine power. The situation is completely different with e-pto. Marcel Luijendijk, Truck Sales Advisor at Mercedes-Benz Dealer Company explains: “The loading and tipper cranes are powered by an electric pump. Instead of energy coming from the engine block, a battery pack is installed. As a result, the work is carried out without emissions, fuel consumption and engine noise. In this way, Jan Knijnenburg contributes to a livable city.” Truck used for landscaping downtown at client, municipality of The Hague.

‘Clean, solid solution’

Luijendijk continued: “Jan Knijnenburg BV has taken convincing strides in the area of ​​sustainability over the years. Now it’s time to replace the crane/tipper range from Mercedes-Benz Trucks, our customers are asking for a cleaner alternative. With this Arocs and with e-pto, we did it. Together with the best suppliers on the market, we have worked on a clean and solid solution. For example, the e-pto is supplied by Wierda Hybrid from Joure and the crane is from the well-known Austrian brand Palfinger. P. Ruizenveld BV from Gravendeel built the truck, after that we went through i and crossed t. Now there is a good truck in the Knijnenburg trim that can be put to use right away.”

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‘No environmental disturbance’

“We have formulated strict sustainability targets for ourselves. When it comes to buildings, vehicles and activities, we regularly look at how we can do it cleaner and better. Reducing CO2 emissions and preventing noise pollution are important pillars of our plan. When buying a new tipper, we also look at the options. Arocssen with this e-pto improved in many areas: no environmental disturbance due to engine noise, we put out nothing when using the crane and no fuel consumption. Mission accomplished,” said Director Geoffrey Knijnenburg.

‘We’ve been in business for a long time’

Most of the Jan Knijnenburg BV fleet consists of trucks from Mercedes-Benz. Jan Knijnenburg: “We have been in business with this brand for a long time because of the reliability of the brand. It is a strong material that can be relied on for all ages. Plus, you can lose it anywhere in the world: the trade-in value is relatively high. We are also pleased with the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Company and our contact Marcel Luijendijk. They help you on your way quickly and friendly. It’s good doing business. Geoffrey Knijnenburg added: “The trucks also fit into our ongoing mission. They meet the latest environmental standards and are equipped with intelligent technology to save fuel.”

Mirrorcam and ABA5

Marcel Luijendijk: “Jan Knijnenburg’s sustainable approach is reflected in the composition of the trucks that follow. For example, all six Aocsen are equipped with Mirrorcams. This provides optimal all-around visibility, which is especially pleasing in the city center. In addition, the truck has an ABA5 system. This technology can detect pedestrians, cyclists and other road users in front of the truck and, if necessary, independently make an emergency stop. Jan Knijnenburg BV has opted for the Arocs cabin variant, which is positioned low on the chassis, so the driver can directly see vulnerable road users despite the high ground position the vehicle must have. And then this truck also runs on HVO fuel. In short, the fleet is friendly to the environment and our planet. It’s a pleasure to work with customers who are going this far in sustainability!”

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In addition to the four Arocssen 6×4 cranes/tippers, the Mercedes-Benz dealer from Maasdijk also delivered two Arocs 8×4 construction vehicles equipped with a crane and a hooklift system. shaft which contributes to high loading capacity and small turning circle, this Arocssen is used not only for landscaping, but also for the demolition department of Jan Knijnenburg.

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