Heijmans uses a Volvo FM 460 8x2

Heijmans uses a Volvo FM 460 8×2

Heijmans has commissioned a new Volvo FM 460 8×2 tridem with TAG-XL axle configuration for the installation of guide rails along highways (highways). The truck is completely customizable to Heijmans and combines efficiency with ergonomics. The Volvo FM is supplied by the Volvo Trucks dealer, BAS Truck Center.

The new Volvo FM is used by the road specialist division of Heijmans. The division specializes in areas such as road maintenance, asphalt, noise barriers, roads, road markings and guide rails. Heijmans is responsible for thousands of kilometers of guide rails along the Dutch road network. The new Volvo FM 460 8×2 Tridem with TAG-XL axle configuration is used when installing the guide rails. Ergonomics is an important requirement when choosing a new truck, says Patrick van den Dungen, chief foreman in the road specialist division. “Sustainable employee employability, in other words keeping employees healthy and vital, is an important theme for us. Installing the guide rails is still quite a bit of manual work and we wanted to ease our people as much as possible.”


The Volvo FM is equipped with a 36 ton meter HIAB loader crane and a Dromote, which allows the truck to be controlled remotely. “That’s a huge improvement,” said Van den Dungen. “With the Dromote, the driver can drive the truck while standing next to the truck. We put up about eight hundred meters of guard rail per day and trucks had to be moved every twelve meters. Thanks to Dromote, drivers no longer have to get in and out. This saves a lot of time and makes the job more ergonomic. Driver was very happy with it. ”

Heijmans Volvo

Many other features also contribute to the comfort of work. “The height of the loading floor is as low as possible, so you have to lift as little as possible when placing your goods on the loading platform. Additionally, we opted for the TAG-XL axle configuration to create room for the extendable tube. This tube can extend 1.5 meters on both sides of the truck. There we can place pallets with materials at a comfortable working height that we use when placing guide rails, such as posts and other parts. Another advantage of the extension tube is that we can continue to use the truck mounted crane at the same time. This was not possible with our previous trucks. Also useful: we were able to operate the faucet, Dromote and extension tube with one remote control.”

Low entry

The reason for choosing the Volvo FM is its low entry with two steps. “Although thanks to the Dromote, the driver has to get in and out of the taxi less often, he still does it a lot every day. The low entry also makes it more comfortable and ergonomic. For the same reason, we chose the electronically controlled power steering system, Volvo Dynamic Steering.”

I-Shift with creep gear

Safety and visibility are paramount when working along roads. The truck is equipped with LED lights, a 360-degree camera system for full visibility in all directions, and an extensive safety system. In addition, the truck is equipped with air springs and is equipped with I-Shift with crawler gears, which allows it to be driven at very low speeds. “It is ideal if we distribute material several hundred meters long,” says Harmen Lamers, materials specialist in the Materials Management department at Heijmans. “The truck can then keep going at a constant low speed and not have to stop and accelerate all the time.”

Good cooperation

Several parties were involved in the specification and construction of the truck. In addition to the BAS Truck Center, these are Terberg Techniek, Carrosseriewerk Van de Weijer and HIAB. “A supplier team that can work well together. They all contribute positively and input from everyone’s expertise ultimately leads to an optimal vehicle. For example, on the advice of the BAS Truck Center, we chose the 13-liter engine because of the TAG-XL axle configuration. They completely coordinate the structure with each other, we don’t have to worry about that. We had the maintenance done at the BAS Truck Center in Veghel, which was self-managed by the driver and the short track went well. We are very satisfied with the service provided by the BAS Truck Center.”

Volvo FM 460 8x2