Citroen C5 Aircross

Autozine – Auto Test: Citroen C5 Aircross

With almost all brands, advancements in electric drive and self-driving functions emerged. Citroën is no different, but the brand does more than that. Citroën has been emphasizing on comfort for several years now. And for Citroën, comfort starts with appearance, because only in a good car will the driver feel comfortable.

Citroen C5 Aircross


That’s why the design of the C5 AirCross has been significantly tweaked. Initially, the car has a convex shape which makes this SUV not tough, but it is approachable and almost huggable. The aim of this facelift is to give the C5 AirCross a more dynamic look.

A piece of LED now extends above the grille bar, visually connecting the headlights. The shape of the lower bumper was previously playful, with a rectangle with a contrasting color. From the 2022 model year, the lower bumper is firmer, with the lower edge (“slip plate”) emphasizing the width and the air intake frame to the height.

Citroen C5 Aircross
Citroen C5 Aircross

Therefore, the updated C5 AirCross appears larger, while the actual exterior dimensions remain the same. Citroën chose this look because this mid-sized SUV is now at the bottom of the segment. In other words: competitors from newer dates are almost all slightly bigger and thanks to the new looks, the C5 AirCross seems to be nothing less than that.

Space and appearance

As previously pointed out, Citroën has focused entirely on comfort in recent years. That is why most of the attention is paid to the interior during this rejuvenating treatment. It is covered with a new material which, thanks to its dark color and soft texture, exudes more quality than before.

The main “secret” behind the comfort of the latest Citroen models is the seats. They consist of a clever combination of materials, which makes them soft and at the same time offers the necessary support. What Citroën also very cleverly does: the so-called “Advanced Comfort”the seats are larger than average and it makes the whole car feel bigger and more luxurious. To top it all off, the front seats are (also) equipped with heating and massage functions.

“The special chassis with hydrological bearings has ensured unique handling and continues to do so”

How comfortable the back seat is depends on the size of the passenger. The back seat is very high. For children this means a greater sense of freedom, but for adults it provides less headroom.

Citroen C5 Aircross


The audio, communication and navigation system screens are now separate on the dashboard. Or as Citroën excitedly put it: the screen seemed to float. The underlying electronics remain the same, so the C5 AirCross doesn’t benefit from the progress made with other models. The reason is simple: cars are built with technology and a facelift offers insufficient possibilities for building new hardware (required for new software).

Even though it is old, the infotainment system is not considered outdated. The C5 AirCross is also average in terms of safety, but certainly not out of date.


Because the new computer for the infotainment system is not a match, but it is clear that the completely new engine certainly does not match the existing C5 AirCross. Partly because Citroën is no longer investing in combustion engine development, the drive remains the same. And that’s a problem! Meanwhile, similar cars with electric propulsion sell for the same price as the C5 AirCross, while being cheaper (and cleaner!) to drive. Whichever engine is chosen: the buyer consciously chooses to pay more for a less sophisticated drive. Only the towing capacity (brakes up to 1,300 kg) can be a reason to still choose an internal combustion engine.

Citroen C5 Aircross

The program includes a 130 hp petrol engine and a 225 hp plug-in hybrid (petrol plus electric motor). The hybrid was selected for this test. This semi-electric variant starts in complete silence and moves with flexibility that no combustion engine can match. At the same time, the plug-in hybrid is lively, as power is instantly available, allowing this SUV to move swiftly through traffic if desired. Likewise, there’s always more than enough backup available at high speed to top it off with a hefty edge.

With a full battery, 50 km can be covered completely electrically. After that, the battery is not completely discharged and the remaining energy is used to temporarily help the gasoline engine. The interaction between the two machines is quiet, smooth, and jolt-free. Thanks to sound insulation glass (standard on hybrids from now on), wind noise is minimal.

Citroen C5 Aircross


Citroën hasn’t adjusted the chassis yet so the updated C5 AirCross doesn’t drive any differently than before. However, thanks to “Progressive Hydraulic Pillow” is it still very different from most opponents! Thanks to these special shock absorbers, the car reacts differently to big and small bumps and high or low speeds.

In practice, the added value of this particular chassis depends on the situation. If conditions do not support, the difference with conventional suspension is nil. In addition, it is important to know that the effect cannot be compared with air suspension or adaptive suspension. Such a technique temporarily makes the undercarriage harder or softer. What Citroën’s “hydrological bearings” do is react with more or less delay, so the car reacts more quietly and has a more grandiose character.

Citroen C5 Aircross


Citroën has redesigned the C5 AirCross for the 2022 model year. Because it is only a matter of appearance, the handling of the car is not better, performance is not increased and consumption is not reduced. That’s a disadvantage, because now electric cars cost the same as a copy with a combustion engine, it’s the drive that makes the C5 AirCross lose out on the competition. However, within the limitations of the facelift, the C5 AirCross is unlikely to provide a completely new powertrain.

That’s why Citroën is more focused on what makes the C5 AirCross unique: its characters. The modified front gives the car a more modern and confident look. The new material looks good and feels good too. The seats in particular provide more comfort and a more majestic feeling. The special chassis with hydrological bearings has ensured unique handling and still worksIn conclusion: after the facelift for the 2022 model year, the Citroën C5 AirCross is not getting any better, but becoming more attractive.


  • Style
  • Unique chassis technology
  • Big chair, luxurious decoration


  • Medium headroom at the back
  • Infotainment is not from the last generation
  • It is more expensive to buy and then use an electric car

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