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MG Cyberster: This electric roadster looks like a Jaguar

The Roadster is a dying race! Decades ago, there were still plenty of open two-seater options. At the forefront since the 1950s, the traditional British brand MG, which still had affordable roadsters in its ranks with the MG F until the mid-2000s. MG has been part of the Chinese company SAIC for several years and now mainly produces electric SUVs, which are also offered in Germany.


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The good news is that MG is going back to its roots and is looking to offer another two-seater roadster in the future. Now patent images of what might be called a Cyberster convertible have surfaced, where the MG shows an uncanny resemblance to the Jaguar F-Type, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, after all the F-Type is still one of the most beautiful. currently available almost ten years after the Roadster’s market launch!
Jaguar F-Type P300

The resemblance to the Jaguar F-Type is undeniable.

Looking back: At the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, MG made quite a splash with the Cyberster Concept. The spectacular study of electric sports cars was one of the stars of the show. Cyberster impressed with the pop-up headlights and radiator grille based on the MGB. The short overhangs combined with the large wheels make for a beefy appearance. The roof is only removed in the workspace.

Cyberster with typical roadster proportions

Even then it was clear: If the Cyberster goes into series production, it will probably be significantly tamed. We now know much more, perhaps much earlier than originally planned, as detailed patent drawings have surfaced.

MG Cyberster Patent

Classic proportions in profile. Even with the soft top covered, the Cyberster cuts a fine figure.

The fact that MG is working on an electric roadster is not new information, as the British brand under the leadership of China announced it in May 2020. Almost exactly two years later we get a closer look at the Cyberster. The patent image shows that the production version has a much larger overhang than the research. Nevertheless, the proportions remain typical of a roadster – the long bonnet, flat windshield frame and short tail.

The production version is reminiscent of the Jaguar F-Type

The spectacular headlights of this study gave way to conventional headlights, the air intake in the front apron remains the same in its basic form. Thanks to its long hood and narrow headlamps, the Cyberster is very reminiscent of the Jaguar F-Type, although in terms of size it will be based more on the Mazda MX-5.
MG Cyberster Patent

The back looks very independent on the patent image. The taillights look like arrows pointing outward.

The back looks independent. The unusual taillights, which look like arrows pointing outward in the patent photo, are striking. During the research, MG said the taillights should quote the Union Jack.

Will the electric roadster also come to Germany?

There is currently no information about the drive. The concept has four electric motors and should accelerate to 100 km/h in less than three seconds. At the same time, the MG promises a range of more than 800 kilometers. The production version will probably have a lot less power and start with a smaller battery. Moreover, reportedly had leaked that Cyberster should be offered at an affordable price. That sounds promising, so we can only hope that the electric roadster will also be available in Germany from 2023/2024.