Worktrans Uitzendgroep acquired by Logistic Force

Logistic Force, a full-service HR service provider in the field of transportation and logistics, has taken over the activities of Worktrans Uitzendgroep. Through the acquisition of Worktrans, Logistic Force strengthened its commercial reach, particularly in the northern part of the Netherlands.

The two companies together hope to achieve a turnover of over €100 million this year. In the acquisition, Logistic Force was supported by the investor FIELDS Group, a partner who joined in December 2021 to actively support the company in carrying out its growth strategy.

‘Acquisitions combine strengths and offer growth opportunities’

“The acquisition of Worktrans is fully in line with our growth ambitions in the Netherlands. By joining forces, we can better serve our customers and expand our market share in the HR services market in the transportation & logistics sector,” said Martin van Dijk, CEO of Logistic Force.

Philip Jonk, former director and major shareholder of Worktrans, is also pleased with the transaction. “The interaction with the Logistic Force team was great from the start. The two companies share a common DNA and share a vision of the importance of training, enthusiasm and sustainably employing the Dutch driver population.” The acquisition of Worktrans, a worthy competitor for many years, left us wanting more, according to Martin van Dijk: “This is a fantastic first step in our growth strategy. This takeover motivates us in our further search for other companies that can join our interim working group in the future.”

More Than Logistics Strength
Logistic Force offers a combination of temporary employment, training and recruitment and specializes in transportation and logistics. The full-service HR service provider is a national player and anchored in a region with 20 branches. The company has an annual turnover of around €85 million. Every day, about 2000 temporary workers work for companies throughout the Netherlands.

Over Worktrans
Worktrans Uitzendbureau was founded in 1998 and now has 7 branches in the Netherlands. Specialists work daily in branches and at headquarters to dispatch professionals in the field of transportation and logistics to transport companies and ‘own carriers’. Worktrans has an annual turnover of around €22.5 million. Every day, about 500 temporary workers work for companies throughout the Netherlands.