Angry farmer on the street

A1 access and exit closed

At the request of the police, the entrances and exits of 17 of the A1 motorway near Stroe will be closed in both directions from 06:00 on Wednesday morning. This is the connection with the N310 motorway, where a lot of extra traffic is expected to go into manifestation. In this way, the police wanted to reduce the pressure on the streets below as much as possible. As soon as the situation permits, the on and off ramps will reopen.

In addition, the Rijkswaterstaat deployed road supervisors and traffic controllers. “This way we have a good view of developments on the highway both on the road and from the traffic control center and we can take extra action if necessary. For example setting the speed or diverting traffic. We are following the developments of the announced peasant protests and are in close contact with the police,” a spokesman for Rijkswaterstaat said.


There is understanding for the protesting farmers from various parties in the transportation sector. The government’s nitrogen measures threaten to affect not only agriculture, but the transportation sector as well. Moreover, much of the transport movement in the Netherlands is related to the agricultural sector. Agricultural suppliers massively show their support for angry farmers.