BMW 525i (E34): This BMW passed the H . license plate test

BMW has figured it out with engine, transmission and chassis tuning. Enjoy driving. If there are still six straight cylinders working under the hood, then the dynamic driver is very lucky. However, the saying icing on the cake is the stylish limousine outfit that BMW has always made for the 3, 5 and 7 series.
A very successful BMW in this regard is considered by connoisseurs the E34 5 Series. And exactly such a car is currently being sold on eBay. To be precise, the vehicle on offer is a 525i from 1989 in gray. Very interesting: the coveted H-certificate is already available. The price tag is 7900 euros.

BMW 525i with registration H on eBay

ebay BMW 525i petrol E34 H registration

Classically beautiful and worth preserving for that reason alone: ​​The cockpit of this BMW doesn’t need a lot of flashing stuff.

This BMW is a garage car with a complete service history

The seller writes that the car is in excellent condition for its age. According to this, the BMW is always parked in the garage and therefore hardly rusts. The engine and transmission work perfectly. There’s a checkbook that’s almost full. The seller has owned a BMW for 21 years. Prior to that, his father bought it from BMW as a one year old car.
ebay BMW 525i petrol E34 H registration

At first glance, the interior of the BMW looks very neat and well-maintained. But there must be an on-site inspection.

In December 2021 there will be a new TÜV and H certificate. The logo on the hood, side air inlets, rims, spoiler and the inscription on the trunk lid is a matter of taste. Four original rims and a Blaupunkt radio cassette are available and included in the price. According to information, the car is currently not registered.
ebay BMW 525i petrol E34 H registration

There are slight modifications to the car, look at the logo. The next owners have to decide if they like it.

You should check this before buying a BMW 5 Series E34

Anyone who is enthusiastic about an advertised BMW, as with any used motor vehicle, should take a close look before buying it. Starting with the standard: How many previous owners? Is there a stamped check book? Does the repair shop invoice testify to the maintenance given to the car? Is the seller’s information correct? What does the car look like up close?

Classic car drivers can use it

Then came the test drive. You should pay special attention to the sound from the direction of the axis. The ball head and rubber ring on the E34’s front axle can bend. It’s no drama and can be fixed with a good screwdriver, but it does mean extra effort, which should be reflected in price negotiations.
The E34’s relatively prominent vulnerabilities don’t affect the cars on offer. Automatic transmissions are not considered very stable. But here is a manual gearbox. If you want to be safe, check the mileage in a checkbook or with the help of a comparable source. The E34 odometer works electronically and theoretically can be manipulated.