This is what 2000 hp feels like in an electric Ford Transit Custom

This is what 2000 hp feels like in an electric Ford Transit Custom

Ford has done it again and launched a new generation of super vans after almost 30 years. After its predecessor with the V8, the fourth generation comes with four electric motors. However – or perhaps because of this – the problem is not for the faint of heart. 2000 hp and other stellar driving performance make the Ford Pro Electric SuperVan a scary device from hell. AUTO BILD travels to Dunsfold in England to find out what tachycardia really is.
Ford Pro Electric SuperVan

Visually, nothing remains of the former Ford Transit, one can only guess.

But first a quick overview. The new SuperVan uses the underbody of the Ford E-Transit Custom, which will launch in the second half of 2023. Thanks to the extended wheelbase, there is room for a 50 kWh water-cooled battery that supplies four electric motors for a total of 2000 hp. They, in turn, fired two tonners from 0 to 100 km/h in under two seconds and further north than 300. Slick, brakes and chassis from racing tried to hold on to performance.

Optics: Transit is predictable only

Visually, Transit is the most predictable, apparently after 25 years of experience in the gym. Carbon body fenders are very wide, strong splinters, wings and diffuser adorn the front and rear. The highlight is the large Ford GT-inspired air ducts, which reduce the load space in half – there’s still one. Side note: Ford actually intends to make these street monsters legal. Because TÜV UK seems to be pain free.
Ford Pro Electric SuperVan

Despite all the economics to keep the weight down, the SuperVan is equipped with a large screen.

Opening the featherweight carbon door reveals an FIA-compliant racing bucket seat and roll cage. The only part of this series is the massive 15-inch infotainment system, where driving and vehicle data, battery status and more can be monitored on the SuperVan. The driving mode can also be set here and the burnout and launch control functions can be activated.

Ride: The acceleration is amazing in the truest sense

At this cue, I squeezed myself into racing as a whole and put on my helmet. A co-driver role was announced, but that’s a good thing. First, I don’t want to push one too thick a day before I should be able to prove it in front of an audience at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Second, my pilot’s name is Romain Dumas, two-time LeMans winner, record holder at Goodwood, etc. So be prepared and pray. “Ready?” asked Romain. “Yeah,” I cheated for a bit and was completely unprepared for what SuperVan was about to do.

Ford Pro Electric SuperVan

Actually there is no talk of acceleration. Accompanied by a deafening screech and hum, the device hurled itself forward. This is how it feels to be hit by a 42 ton truck from behind. My stomach, which had just wrapped around my spine, hit the stomach wall the next time I braked.

The curves are nothing short of impressive. It’s absolutely crazy how the device sticks to the tarmac of the airfield where the Top Gear mates usually test. But there is another way. After a few good top laps, Romain started to drift wildly across the airfield. What a spectacle! A few more blackouts and the demonstration will be over.

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When asked how the SuperVan felt behind the wheel, Romain said: “It’s good, the car is quite fast. It’s fun and gives good feedback.” Proof that Ford has done more than just a marketing gimmick and put a truly capable racing machine on its wheels. I looked around again, checked my internal organs for proper alignment and wondered how such a Transit Nugget camper would do as a SuperVan.