Measures to improve road safety on the N50

Reduce the number of accidents

The narrowest part of the N50 is between Kampen-Zuid and Kampen. In the short term, the speed here will be reduced from 100 km/h to 80 km/h to reduce the number of accidents. Rijkswaterstaat will make traffic decisions and adjust road markings to reduce speed. Temporary speed reductions, including road and signage adjustments, are expected to be completed within a few months.

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Work is also being carried out on the temporary separation of the path in the form of a concrete barrier. This barrier ensures that traffic cannot enter the opposite side of the road and thus prevents a head-on collision. In addition, a semi-paved surface is also placed on the threshold. This way, emergency services can still do their job safely. We are doing everything we can to achieve temporary line separation by 2023.

Final action

In the long term, the N50 between Kampen and Kampen Selatan will be dealt with definitively by widening the road and various road safety measures, including lane separation. However, the project has been delayed due to nitrogen issues, but will be tackled as soon as possible. Preparations must be made in order to be able and allowed to make adjustments to Kampen N50 – Kampen Zuid. Part of this preparation is the calculation and assessment of the effect of nitrogen in nature due to this adjustment to N50. The skills to perform these calculations and judgments are limited and cannot be expanded in the short term. The N50 is one of the projects that will be the first to claim this expertise.

Until the realization of the action, the temporary action will be carried out.