Shell opens first hydrogen filling point for trucks

Shell today opened its first public hydrogen filling point for freight traffic in the Netherlands at the GZI Next energy center in Emmen. The hydrogen filling point at Emmen is part of the European hydrogen network for heavy road transport.

This will make the (inter)national transportation of goods more sustainable. The Qbuzz hydrogen buses, co-financed by the province of Drenthe, will also be refueled at the filling point at the GZI site.

Next step

“With the opening of the hydrogen filling point, we are taking the next step in hydrogen application,” said Tjisse Stelpstra, deputy in charge of Drenthe Province. “We have a leading position at Drenthe in terms of hydrogen. We want to further strengthen this leading position, preferably across the board. In addition to hydrogen production, I am talking about the application of hydrogen, for example, in the manufacturing and mobility industries.”

Shell opened its first hydrogen filling point for regional bus traffic last summer, together with a partner for Qbuzz in Groningen. The same transport company will also refuel at Emmen for the additional ten buses purchased by Qbuzz. Apart from buses, all hydrogen powered trucks can refuel at the Emmen filling point.

Shell Netherlands President and CEO Marjan van Loon sees hydrogen as one of the most important opportunities to help road traffic entrepreneurs make progress in the energy transition. “Hydrogen is an important part of our solution mosaic. Now it’s up to our customers to make the most suitable choice for them.”