News: Volkswagen celebrates 10 years of MQB

News: Volkswagen celebrates 10 years of MQB

The MQB platform, which was entirely new to Volkswagen at the time, made its debut with the introduction of the Golf VII. The first production model was launched off the assembly line in Wolfsburg in October 2012 and immediately demonstrated the potential of a new modular mounting matrix: modern technology, low weight and dynamic design thanks to a small hanging body.


The MQB platform enables standardization of production processes in all areas, resulting in greater flexibility and lower development costs, not only for the Volkswagen brand, but also for other brands within the Group. The platform thus offers significant economies of scale, enabling Volkswagen to roll out innovative technologies in the volume segment to further democratize progress.

The MQB platform offers a high degree of flexibility. Elements such as wheelbase, wheel or seat size and handlebar position can be individually adjusted to match the brand identities of the different models within the Group in detail. Many body parts are made of high strength steel of varying thickness. This reduces the weight of the newly introduced MQB model by an average of about 50 kilograms compared to its predecessor. The weight savings are even close to 100 kilograms for the Golf VII.

Gasoline, diesel, gas and electricity

Especially when it comes to powertrains, the MQB shows itself to be versatile and future-oriented. Gasoline (TSI), diesel (TDI) and natural gas (CNG) versions were planned early in the design concept, as were the mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains. The Golf VII is also available as a fully electric e-Golf from 2013 to 2020. The current internationally available engine range covers a power range from 48 kW (66 hp) to 294 kW (400 hp).

Volkswagen and other brands of the Group can quickly develop their new models and variants on the flexible MQB base. Over the years, the matrix has continued to be expanded and refined, dividing it into different model ranges and stages of evolution, with the Golf now being the newest model on the platform. All MQB-based models can be standardized and efficiently manufactured in factories within a global production network.

Volkswagen has developed the revolutionary Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB) based on experience with the MQB platform. The basic technology layout of the MEB platform is based on the principle of housing electric drive components in minimum space. The battery pack is located between the axles, while the passenger compartment offers plenty of space.

The MEB platform, in turn, forms the basis for the next set of modular electric vehicles, which will also include sports and luxury cars. The SSP (Scalable Systems Platform) of the future is distinguished by advanced electronics and software. Volkswagen plans to deliver its first model on this highly scalable platform in 2026: Project Trinity, which will include extra-large range, ultra-short charging times and advanced technology for autonomous driving.