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Fierce: This Nissan Skylinder GT-R costs over 400,000 euros

Nissan Skyline GT-R: It’s not just JDM fans who get a warm heart with this car. In 1989 Nissan relaunched the top models Skyline GT-R and R32 with great success. In the JTCC Japan Touring Car Championship, the R32 won 29 of the 29 races between 1990 and 1993, and the nickname Godzilla was born. The successor to the R33 and above all the R34 was discontinued in 2002 while it has become legendary. The downside is that most GT-Rs and especially the rare special models have now arrived in price territory that normal income earners seem out of reach!

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Moreover, in recent years, Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra and Co have experienced a very large increase in value. In exceptional cases, collectors are even willing to pay seven figures for the most sought-after Skylines, such as the Z-Tune. But another R34 is now well worth it!

A “Silica Brass” paint job is offered exclusively for the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. Allegedly 131 pieces were shipped in this color.

Only 366 GT-R M-Spec made

Just like the Skyline R34 GT-R M-Spec, which only made 366 units. This is ultimately a V-Spec II without a carbon hood and with added comfort features. For example, a “cold weather plan” with heated seats is standard.
Under the hood of the M-Spec of course is the legendary RB26, already used in the R32 GT-R. The top version is RB26DETT. Its pseudonym consists of the engine series (RB), 2.6 liter displacement (26), two overhead camshafts (D=DOHC, Dual Overhead Camshaft), electronically controlled injection (E) and twin-turbo filling (TT). Due to voluntary self-restraint in Japan (the “gentlemen’s agreement”) in effect at the time, Japan officially designated power as 280 hp, which is more than modest, as most fans know. In fact, its performance tends to 330 hp.

RB26 has great power reserve

Nissan doesn’t even try to hide the fact that the engine is good for a lot more power. Simply by adjusting the fuel and increasing the pressure, 500 hp can be easily achieved. The last 1000 R34 GT-R (V-Spec II Nur and M-Spec Nur) shipped with the RB26DETT in the N1 version.

Although there are slight signs of wear and tear on the interior, the interior looks almost new.

All interiors of the GT-R M-Spec are complemented by gold stitching on the steering wheel, shift knob and handbrake lever, and Nissan introduced a striking gold color (“silica bass”) especially for the special model.

R34 GT-R with just 372 kilometers

According to our information, 131 of the 366 M-Spec customers opted for the new color and the rare Skylinder GT-R is currently being auctioned in its home country of Japan. As if that weren’t special enough, 20-year-old Skyline has barely moved at all in recent years. The result: The speedometer shows a measly 372 kilometers of distance. However, the ad description mentions minor defects such as a discharged battery, a small dent in the driver’s door and minimal signs of wear on the driver’s seat.

These little things are easy to fix, so it’s no wonder the rare R34 GT-R, at just 372 kilometers, already has an initial bid equivalent to 421,740 euros (60 million yen) and will therefore remain out of reach for most. person. fans.