PAX transports ‘Missing Airmen’ monument

At Frisian Molkwerum, in IJsselmeer, four-meter-high wings have been sticking out of the water since last Friday. This is a memorial in memory of all the dead and missing allied pilots and other crew members who crashed into the IJsselmeer during the Second World War. The memorial, dubbed the ‘Missing Airmen’, lies where the body of Scottish pilot Thomas Fraser McCrorie washed ashore. His plane was shot down near Den Oever on June 23, 1943. Two of the seven crew members were found in the lake.

PAX had the honor of taking care of the impressive 23 ton wing ground transport. Previously, PAX has assisted loader cranes in their work, such as lifting, tilting and placing on the footplate.

The wings can be seen from the beach at Molkwerum and many relatives of the victims from around the world will be in attendance at the official opening.

Photo: PAX Group – Sjouke Douwe Meijer