50 DAF for Flemish Tailormade Logistics

In 2019 Tailormade Logistics purchased 25 units of DAF tractors and 16 DAF trucks to complete the company’s satisfaction. This year, 50 new generation tractors (40 XF 430 and 10 XG 430) were purchased, in addition to 15 CF 430 trucks.

“Just like the 2019 order, the purchase of the new DAF tractor was largely inspired by driver comfort,” said Bert Vandecaveye, CEO of Tailormade Logistics. “Certainly with the latest generation, the DAF has established a significant advantage over the competition in that area. Our drivers have been very satisfied with the comfort of the previous generation of cabins and that has only been upgraded with the new XF and XG.”

‘progressive concept’

“Thanks to the progressive concept, drivers have a better road view and enjoy quieter operation and driving comfort. For safety, we have equipped the cabin with a camera system to replace the rearview mirror and with additional windows in the passenger door. Another aspect for us is the promised 10% fuel savings. It is nothing less and it helps us in our pursuit of sustainability and lower emissions. Sustainability, safety and comfort are the three pillars of DAF and they are very much in line with our corporate philosophy,” said Vandecaveye. The new trucks are now being delivered through two DAF dealers: TH Trucks Gent and Garage Peeters at Herentals.


“Based on our own research, we believe that HVO is currently the most sustainable solution,” continued Bert Vandecaveye. “DAF supports us in this, as all DAF vehicles can easily run at 100% HVO. In addition, the fuel required is about 10% less than diesel. In 2019, we invested in the construction of two HVO gas stations (one in Ghent and one in Ghlin), so that we can refuel at our own company. This has allowed us to significantly reduce our emissions. Since the price is still double that of diesel, we mainly use HVO for shorter distances. We also don’t use it for all transport orders. For the future, we are thinking of mixing HVO and diesel for all vehicles. In the long term, the use of self-produced hydrogen as a fuel could be an option. That in turn is an area where the DAF is active.”

Over Tailormade Logistics

Tailormade Logistics was founded in 1996 by Bert Vandecaveye. Thanks to a clear growth strategy, Tailormade Logistics has grown to become one of the most important players in the European logistics sector. The ambition to grow is still there. Tailormade Logistics targets a growth of 20% per year.

Tailormade Logistics is active in several core sectors: automotive, fashion, FMCG and floor coverings.
For this purpose, the company has 400,000 m² of warehouse space and its own fleet of 500 vehicles, 950 trailers and 450 containers. Tailormade Logistics employs approximately 1000 people in 25 different locations. It has branches in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, United Kingdom and Sweden.