Farmers block highways A67 and A2

The A67 between Eindhoven and Venlo, near Liessel, is currently blocked by farmers. That’s why the highway towards Venlo was closed.

Rijkswaterstaat reported to that the police were on the scene and would intervene. According to ANWB, there are about ten to fifteen tractors on the road. A big jam has formed. About forty tractors blocked the road on the A67 in North Brabant.

Liessel is located in the center of De Peel, one of the reserves where significant intervention is needed. Under the government’s nitrogen plan, nitrogen emissions in Peel must be reduced by 70 to 80 percent. The Eindhovens Dagblad reports that A2 at Best has now also been blocked by protesting farmers. There are hay bales on the highway.

Sixty to seventy farmers also drive tractors on the A28 from Hoogeveen to Assen.

Photo: Twitter / @tonnieontour