More employers are suffering from persistent staff shortages

The labor market in this sector is struggling with personnel shortages. That’s what the increasing number of entrepreneurs in road freight (52% in Q2 versus 46% in Q1) and logistics service providers (34% in Q2 versus 30% in Q1) says.

The number of vacancies remains high and pension outflows continue to increase. The number of bankruptcies remains at a low level and the inflow of unemployment benefits from truck drivers and logistics employees is decreasing. This can be seen from the latest Transportation and Logistics Sector Monitoring.

’employment increase’

STL: β€œAt the same time, the Sector Monitor shows that (early 2022-Q2) there are more transport employers expecting an increase in their workforce in the next three months (27.7%) than employers expecting a decline (4.7% ) . Expectations about the economic climate are negative.”

See attachment for Q1 2022 Sector Monitor.