New cattle combination for JA de Haan

VofJA de Haan of Harkema, Friesland, has a tractor-trailer combination in its fleet for the first time with the operation of the new Scania R590 tractor. In 2021, the company participates in the Selection of the Most Beautiful Trucks in the Netherlands with the combination of the Volvo FH. Watch the video at the bottom of this page.

Cars with trailers have been driven since the company was founded in 1935, but a new era has begun with new combinations. The transportation company was founded by the grandfather of the current owner. Jan Auke de Haan has been the owner since 2002 and under his leadership the company has grown to five combinations.

Jan Auke de Haan: “We usually herd calves in the Netherlands, but we are also coming to Germany more and more often. Then you immediately experience the weight combination, because carriages with trailers are always heavier. In addition, trailers work faster and more efficiently. With the combi you always have to mount, first unload the truck, then reassemble and unload the trailer. This also applies to loading and cleaning loading platforms. We believe that we will make a huge increase in efficiency by deploying this new semi-trailer.”

Finkl veetrailer

The volume of the new Finkl semi-trailer is barely inferior to the combination. “It was important for us to continue to ride with this trailer, because it has mechanical ventilation. Regulations limit the distance that cattle can travel without ventilation. This Finkl semi-trailer is equipped with the latest technology such as ventilation, movable floor, raised roof and drinking system. We’ve got a lot of information about trailers, and one thing is whether we can reach farmers everywhere. However, by choosing the lifting shaft and the axle that can be loosened, the turning circle becomes smaller,” said Jan Auke. The Finkl semi-trailer is supplied by Vaex.


When it was decided that a semi-trailer would be purchased, Jan Auke thought that a genuine V8 was needed. “Our last Scania was bought in 1985, which was the Scania 112H. Since then we chose another Swedish brand but I just wanted a V8. Initially we chose the R530 but after some negotiations it turned out to be a powerful 590 hp tractor”. The Scania R590 Highline is equipped with a new gearbox, luxurious interior and interior. The tractor was also upgraded by Super VK Design at Harkema. The tractor is made and painted with an ‘oldskool’ look. The Scania which is completely suspended in the air has a fifth wheel height of 105 cm due to the volume of the cattle trailer. The tractor was handed over by Rinsma Scania in Drachten.

Watch the video with Jan Auke and his Volvo FH following last year’s Selection of the Most Beautiful Truck in the Netherlands.