Brabus’s Crawler Is a Mercedes-AMG G63-Inspired Dune Buggy

  • Mechanical bits the Crawler shares with the Mercedes G-class include its powertrain, locking diffs, and front and rear axles.
  • Brabus increases the displacement of the G63’s V-8 from 4.0 to 4.5 liters for Crawler duty.
  • Output jumps from 577 horsepower to 888.

    Whether you’re a Russian oligarch dodging bullets, an African despot on a rhino hunting trip, or a Los Angeles-based movie star, you’ll soon need to find room in your budget to add the radical, Mercedes-AMG G63-inspired Brabus Crawler to your extensive collection of cars. This is assuming you’re able to claim ownership of one (or more) of the 15 Crawlers that Brabus intends to build.

    While it’s technically not a G-Wagen, the Crawler relies on a few essential parts from the three-pointed star’s racy G63. Additionally, the Brabus-built dune buggy’s carbon-fiber body panels also crib styling cues from the boxy Mercedes. Notably, the Crawler uses the SUV’s twin-turbo V-8 for motivation—albeit bored and stroked to 4.5 liters and boosted to 888 horsepower (the G63’s 4.0-liter unit, meanwhile, makes do with just 577 horses)—as well as its nine-speed automatic transmission and solid rear and independent front portal axles, replete with front, center, and rear locking differentials from the G 4×42. Other G-class pieces on the Crawler include its round headlights, tiny taillights, steering wheel, and two 12.0-inch dashboard-mounted displays.

    The entire frame is a custom high-strength steel tube design that shares no dimensions with the actual G-class (look how narrow the front grille looks). The Crawler’s 21.0 inches of ground clearance takes the opposite approach of the slammed G63 900 Rocket, although this door-free SUV leashes itself to 99 mph.

    The Crawler is also ill-equipped for overlanding. For that, you’ll want the roof rack and pickup bed of the Brabus 800 Adventure XLP. Additionally, the Crawler’s oversaturated red bucket seats are far too conspicuous for those in search of a Brabus-badged Mercedes with a more monochrome look (for that, there’s the 800 Black Ops Edition).

    All 15 of these tube-frame terror machines include four carbon helmets and synthetic upholstery from the company’s speedboat interiors. Where you take your Crawler is up to you, but Brabus asks you to inform its cartographers of your travel plans in advance. This way the dune buggy’s passenger-facing GPS unit will show the correct custom-made topography maps (a feature you won’t find in the G63’s MBUX infotainment system).

    At what price does one get to brag about owning a vehicle that looks and performs like the lovechild of a G63 and a UTV? About $800,000 at current exchange rates.

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