News: Mazda updates the MX-30 for the 2022 model year

News: Mazda updates the MX-30 for the 2022 model year

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Mazda MX-30 First Edition

The MX-30 now supports three-phase AC charging up to 11 kW. DC fast charging performance has also been improved by increasing the maximum power the car can receive from 40 kW to 50 kW. As a result, the theoretical DC fast charge time has been reduced by ten minutes to 26 minutes (but Mazda doesn’t say what percentage of the battery is charged with this).

Mazda MX-30

In addition to the existing interior colors Modern Confidence (white) and Industrial Vintage (brown), the 2022 MX-30 model year is also available with new all-black Urban Expression seats. The new all-black interior is enlivened by gray and white accents on the upholstery, and dark brown cork on the console and door handles.

The number of multi-tone color schemes has been expanded to four, with Mazda’s new Jet Black and Zircon Sand colors added to the lineup. A second new multi-tone color scheme pairs a Jet Black finish to the body and roof with silver trim and, again, an all-black interior. In addition, the current Soul Red Crystal multi-tone exterior color scheme is also combined with an all-black top for a sportier look.

From the 2022 model year it is also possible to optionally attach a bicycle carrier hook. With this option, bicycle carriers (including bicycles) can be carried with you from this update up to a weight of 75 kg.

More information on available versions and pricing will be announced sometime in June 2022.