P. van der Nat uses the new S-Way

P. van der Nat uses the new S-Way

The transport, storage and distribution company P. van der Nat of Giessen (NB) recently used the new Iveco S-Way tractor. Transport companies use tractors for distribution work. Location Iveco Schouten Almkerk recently delivered this tractor.

The new S-Way delivered to the transport company is a 6×2 version with 460 hp and a Cursor 11 diesel engine producing 2150 Nm, with a 12-speed automatic gearbox. The truck is equipped with an AS sleeper cab. In-flight includes parking heaters, hi-comfort seats, automatic temperature control, large refrigerator and plenty of storage compartments.

Full satisfaction

The driver who will drive this new 6×2 tractor will soon be working for P. van der Nat for 40 years. During those 40 years he has always pushed the Iveco range to full satisfaction. That now there was a new one ready for him shouldn’t be a big surprise. After delivery, drivers will undergo Iveco Driver Academy training to get to know the tractor fully and thereby reduce fuel and maintenance costs. This delivery training also counts towards the mandatory refresher training for code 95.

About P. van der Nat

P. van der Nat is a family business that has grown over 60 years into a broad logistics service provider with a fleet of more than 90 vehicles and a workforce of around 150 employees. They have been involved in distributing groceries since day one. P. van der Nat is now one of the specialists in the transportation of foodstuffs and related goods.

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