News: VinFast praises the VF 8 and VF 9

News: VinFast praises the VF 8 and VF 9

The VF 8 will be available with two battery packs with a theoretical range of up to 471 km (expected WLTP range) for a battery with a usable capacity of 87.7 kWh in the Eco version. The VF 9 has a larger usable battery capacity of 123 kWh and a theoretical mileage of up to 594 km (expected WLTP range) for the Eco model variant.

VinFast subscribers can choose from two forms of Fixed and Flexible battery subscriptions. The Fixed Plan has no kilometer limit and costs 120 euros per month for VF 8 and 150 euros for VF 9 (including VAT). More details regarding the more affordable Flexible Package, intended for customers who travel a maximum of 500 kilometers per month, will follow later.

During the battery subscription period, all maintenance and repair costs are borne by VinES (part of Vingroup). The possibility of changing the battery pack, if the remaining capacity should drop below 70%, is also a free part of the subscription. By subscribing, customers are free from their worries.

As a gesture to the Vinfast pioneers, the decision makers who have chosen the brand, VinFast is offering this battery subscription form for all EVs sold in 2022 and 2023. Starting in 2024, 50% of buyers are expected to choose Vinfast EV with a battery subscription, the other half will choose to buy Vinfast, including the battery pack.

With the introduction of the Smart Driving Package, VinFast offers customers the opportunity to make every trip safer and more enjoyable. In Europe, VinFast offers Smart Driving Packages with a one-time payment of 7,250 euros (including VAT) or 150 euros per month (including VAT). The Smart Driving Plan is one of the free benefits for customers who order VinFast now.

Smart Driving includes lane change, automatic parking and calling modes, equipped with voice assistant, 360-degree surround monitoring (as part of smart navigation) and options such as Mobile Home, Mobile Office and In-car Shopping.

Recently, VinFast announced the extension of the VinFirst program until May 30, 2022. In exchange for a 150 euro deposit, VinFirst customers get a number of special offers, including luxury holidays to Vietnam, eVouchers worth 2,500 euros for VF 8 or 4,200 euros for VF 9, Driving Packages Smart worth 7,250 euros (including VAT) and VinFirst NFT exclusive on the OpenSea platform. In addition, VinFast is planting trees on behalf of every customer for a sustainable future.