New DAF XF for Van Bakel Transporten

New DAF XF for Van Bakel Transporten

The New Generation DAF (NGD) XF already stands out for its sleek design. Van Bakel and Zn. BV Transportation. at Oss has further accentuated this with its own corporate font and color scheme. The decor fits perfectly with the cabin design. This is the first NGD XF in the Oss region and was recently delivered by DAF dealer Allers Bedrijfswagens BV Venlo.

“Yes, we like the look that is cool but at the same time not too flashy”, says Arian van Bakel. “Since 2020, all of our new DAFs have a black grille with hook-shaped accents on the left and right. On this new XF, they are mounted on the same grille bar as the DAF logo, whose letters are framed in orange. We are quite a fan of DAF and that is reflected in these types of creations. The service and support we have received for our plans and ideas from dealer Allers Bedrijfswagens has also been great.”


The interior of the new XF 450 has been meticulously stocked to optimize comfort and safety. Van Bakel: “We opted for the leather steering wheel and the Argenta version with aluminum molding on the dashboard. An extensive infotainment system is also available as we were also able to integrate rear view camera images in the trailer. There is also a camera in place of the main mirror and wide angle. Looking at the image on the monitor takes some getting used to, but you can see the whole environment next to the truck. We also have a dashcam and camera system (DAF Corner View) in place of the side and front side mirrors. The system is in the bulge in the right corner of the cab.”


Van Bakel said the driver, who had switched from the 10-year-old DAF CF, found the ride comfort and seating excellent. Especially the driver’s seat is very easy to adjust. And very little driving noise penetrates into the cabin. “The driver must first get used to the new controls and digital displays, especially the fact that you can set and customize everything at your own pace. You have to make time for it, because then you get all the benefits of the new high-tech controls.”

Present and past in Van Bakel

Van Bakel and Zn. BV Transportation. especially the drive for logistics service providers. It concerns the most diverse loads and trips to addresses in the Netherlands and parts of Belgium. The transport company’s fleet from Oss currently consists of 30 vehicles, 28 of which are of the DAF brand. Van Bakel: “We are absolutely DAF fans. For example, we also have older model series like the A1900DS from ’63 and the 1700 plus 2500 which is still in original condition from 1990.”

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