Truckstar 2022 Photo Yearbook - Truckstar

Truckstar 2022 Photo Yearbook – Truckstar

Just like the Truckstar Festival, Photo Yearbook also celebrates anniversaries. The first copy came out in 1983 and now the 40th edition is available. If you flip through the book, you’ll see a good cross-section of what is being driven on Dutch roads. Over the years, transportation companies have disappeared, but new ones have also been added. Trends in color and decoration began to appear.

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In 1983 there were still 600 photos that made it into the Photo Yearbook; now we are at 224 pages and over 1500 photos. This year’s book is also the thickest in the last 40 years. And as stated in the first foreword, the following applies again this year: “A historiographical snippet of Dutch truck fleet photography”.

The editors of Truckstar have once again put together this 40th Truckstar Photo Yearbook with great pleasure. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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