Jordy Brouwer uses MAN Individual Lion S

Jordy Brouwer International Transport BV in Heerenveen has used the new MAN TGX 18,510 Individual Lion S with a spacious TGX cabin. This is the first MAN in a fleet of ten Brouwer trucks. The trucks are used in combination with mobile floor trailers for international transportation.

Jordy Brouwer International Transport BV was founded in 2011 with two trucks and the company grew to ten tractors in ten years. Brouwer is active in various branches of transportation with refrigerated trailers, curtainsider trailers and moving floor trailers. Jordy Brouwer: “We literally drove all over Europe, from England to Scandinavia, and from France to Italy. As of now we mainly have Scania trucks in the fleet, but I am also very impressed with the new MAN.”

Individual Lion S

The fully air-hung MAN was ordered in the most luxurious version of the Individual Lion S. The tractor has, among other things, leather upholstery and an extra cupboard on the back wall, which even contains a microwave and coffee maker. Jordy Brouwer has been using the Wierda Bedrijfswagens service at Heerenveen for some time with his trucks, and his experience with this dealership led him to decide to buy a MAN.

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“In addition, MAN fits into our multi-brand policy,” said Brouwer. “We want to stay in touch with some brands. After the first demo kilometers we were satisfied with the performance of the new MAN. In addition, Wierda Bedrijfswagens is able to provide results quickly. The truck was pre-ordered, actually as a demo. It suits us very well, and even gray suits us very well.”


To work with a moving floor trailer, the tractor is equipped with a PTO with a hydraulic system. Welling Truckstyling at Joure fulfills Jordy Brouwer’s special wish. In addition to the ‘carbon look’ details of the Individual Lion S version, the exterior also features extended sun visors, a light box with spotlights, extra lighting needed and a set of cool air horns. A set of glossy Alcoa rims completes the image.

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Smart details

The MAN forms a permanent combination with the sleek gray movable floor trailer, making for a very attractive combination. The regular driver on the new MAN with full air suspension is Samantha Bouw and she is very happy with the truck. “I’ve been driving for 21 years and I’ve never had a car as nice and beautiful as this,” was his reaction. He loved lots of clever details, but he also loved the traction of the 510 hp tractor.