Scania expands specifications for CNG and LNG trucks

Scania expands specifications for CNG and LNG trucks

Scania is adding several new Bio-CNG and Bio-LNG fuel options to its range which significantly increase the range. The truck demonstrating the new solution will be unveiled in mid-May at the Italian trade show ‘Transpotec’.

“Scania tirelessly offers and informs customers about possible biogas solutions,” said Stefan Dorski, Scania’s Senior Vice President and Head of Trucks. “With this addition, we are expanding not only our offering, but our potential customer base as well, as biomethane trucks are critical to meeting the short and medium term demand for fossil-free transportation.”

Renewable fuel

The infrastructure of filling stations for liquefied biomethane and other types of fuel for gas vehicles has reached a critical mass, and not only in Europe. By adding a variety of refueling solutions to its existing offering, Scania is once again demonstrating its support for renewable fuels as an important part of the transition to a sustainable transportation system.

Gas-powered vehicles are becoming increasingly popular across Europe, but markets such as Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Eastern and Central Europe are leading the way. Customers have noticed all the benefits they can get from Scania gas-powered vehicles, such as lower operating costs and reduced CO2emissions from the use of biomethane (Bio-LNG or Bio-CNG).

Scania LNG

Increased tank capacity

Gas-powered trucks are also an important cornerstone in Scania’s compliance with the Science Based Targets, the company’s commitment to reducing CO2-to reduce emissions from its products by a total of 20% between 2015 and 2025.

“Increasing the potential tank capacity for different applications removes what was once a drawback in the eyes of some potential customers,” says Dorski. “Our wide range, greater chassis layout flexibility and many new filling stations predict a bright future for gas-powered customers. And it’s likely that their questions about reach are now finally answered. ”

Scania’s latest additions to its gas solutions portfolio:

  • Bio-LNG tank for range up to 1,400 km
  • Bio-CNG tank for distances up to 750 km
  • Combined 80 liter bio-CNG tank frees one side of the frame
  • Bio-CNG tank on rack behind cab: offers a larger radius of action in combination with tank in regular position. Up to 1,000 km range on tractors with a wheelbase of 3,900 mm
  • A Bio-LNG tank that provides additional clearance in front of the tank, benefits bodybuilders, and allows customized solutions.

All of these new performance measures will be implemented by 2022.

Gradual transformation to e-mobility

“Scania believes that the transformation to e-mobility will take place gradually over this decade and beyond,” said Dorski. “But combustion engines that run on biomethane or other fossil-free fuels will do their part to reduce noise, emissions and CO2.2while delivering great ROI and excellent customer value at the same time.”

Last March, the European Commission announced a decision to double its domestic biomethane production target, setting the target at 35 billion cubic meters by 2030.