Who Won Jeopardy 11/25/22?

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Jeopardy is a popular American game show that has been entertaining and educating viewers for decades. It is a quiz competition where contestants must answer questions in various categories to win money and advance to the final round. Fans of the show are always eager to know who won each episode and what questions were asked. In this article, we will reveal the winner of Jeopardy 11/25/22 and provide a recap of the episode.

The Contestants

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The three contestants on Jeopardy 11/25/22 were Jane, a high school teacher from California, John, a computer programmer from New York, and Sarah, a lawyer from Texas. Each contestant had to answer questions in six categories: Science, History, Literature, Pop Culture, Geography, and Potpourri. The winner would be the contestant with the most money at the end of the game.

The First Round

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The first round of Jeopardy 11/25/22 was intense, with all three contestants doing well. Jane dominated the Science category, while John impressed with his knowledge of History. Sarah held her own in the Literature and Pop Culture categories. However, it was Jane who ended up with the most money at the end of the first round, with John and Sarah close behind.

The Double Jeopardy Round

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The Double Jeopardy round is where the game really heats up. The stakes are higher, and the questions are more challenging. In Jeopardy 11/25/22, the categories for Double Jeopardy were: World Leaders, Broadway Musicals, Famous Quotes, TV Shows, Potent Potables, and Before & After. John took the lead early in the round, answering questions confidently and quickly. However, Jane and Sarah weren’t far behind.

The Final Jeopardy Round

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The Final Jeopardy round is where the winner is determined. The contestants must wager a portion of their earnings and answer a final question in a specific category. The category for Final Jeopardy in 11/25/22 was State Capitals. The contestants wrote down their answers and waited for the results. When the answers were revealed, it was John who had answered correctly and wagered the most money. He was declared the winner of Jeopardy 11/25/22!


Jeopardy 11/25/22 was an exciting episode, with all three contestants performing well. John emerged as the winner, impressing viewers with his knowledge and quick thinking. If you missed the episode, you can catch it on your local TV station or online. Keep watching Jeopardy for more thrilling quiz competitions and to see who will win next!

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