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News: Dacia makes 10 millionth car


In August 1968, Dacia began assembling its first car, the Dacia 1100. The following year, the iconic Dacia 1300 spawned a whole family of derivative products (station wagon, sedan, sport coupe, commercial vehicle). It remained in production for 35 years and left a significant mark on the Romanian auto landscape.


The takeover of the brand by the Renault Group in 1999 marked a new chapter in Dacia’s history. With the launch of Logan in 2004, Dacia became an automaker with an international calling and accelerated its sales pace. In 2005, Dacia opened a production line outside of Romania, at the Somaca factory in Casablanca (Morocco).

The diversification of the model range (Sandero, Duster, etc.) and their immediate success required a significant expansion of production capacity:

  • opening of a new factory in the port city of Tangier (Morocco) in 2012;
  • opening of a production line in 2016 in Oran, to cater exclusively to the needs of the Algerian market;
  • Spring production launch in 2020, Dacia’s first 100% electric car, at the Shyian (China) factory.

Dacia cars are sold in 44 countries, mainly in Europe and the Mediterranean, including:

  • 2.6 million Dacia Sandero & Sandero Stepway models, Europe’s most-selling individual car since 2017
  • 2.3 million Dacia 1300 models (and variants)
  • 2.1 million Dacia Duster models, the most SUVs sold to private customers in Europe since 2018
  • 1.95 million Dacia Logan and Logan MCV models