Swedish pellets using Iveco . wagons

Swedish pellets using Iveco . wagons

Swedish Pellets from Dokkum, part of Drowa, have commissioned the Iveco S-Way 480 6×2 carriage. The truck is used to distribute Swedish pellets throughout the Netherlands.

Drowa Isolatie is the Kees de Vries company of Dokkum. The company now has 4 combinations for transporting insulation chips for floor insulation, 3 of which are LHV. Drowa also includes Swedish Pellets BV, a company that imports pellets from Sweden for combustion in pellet stoves. Pellets are round pieces of sawdust that are pressed with very good yields achievable when burned. A new S-Way was purchased to transport heavy pellets.

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“Because the pellets are much heavier, we opted for a standard 18.75 meter long combination with a small Krone trailer. Incidentally, the entire superstructure has also been made suitable for transporting insulating materials. We blew this up in the car, after which we sprayed the insulation chips under the customer’s floor. That’s why this S-Way is also LHV approved, which means we can also use it with two center axle trailers. I also ordered a set of white Drowa tarpaulins, so the truck fits into the trailer. As a result, this combination can be used multifunctionally in our two companies,” said Rudmer de Vries.

Lift tail six tons

The IVECO, completely suspended in the air, has an extra low chassis, meaning it is three meters high on the inside. The superstructure, by Germany’s H&W Nutzfahrzeug Technik from Vreden, is factory-installed with a stainless steel case and a six-ton ​​rear folding D’Hollandia tail lift. The chassis is reinforced especially for tail lifting and hydraulic support legs are installed. Rudmer de Vries: “The pellet customer is sometimes a private individual and with our compact 4×4 forklifts we are able to deliver pallets through the narrowest of aisles. We haul the forklift on the loading platform, and to be able to load it we need a heavy tail lift. Cage monkeys are uncomfortable for us, because they are always wider, so you can’t use them with private customers.”

H&W komersial commercial vehicle technology D'Hollandia's tail lift

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The Drowa fleet owns one Iveco Stralis, a truck that has gained incredible experience. “We love not only the truck, but also the Cornelis Bedrijfsauto dealer in Leeuwarden. Apart from that, driver Hendrik Smit also expressed his preference for the new S-Way. We have equipped the truck with all possible options, such as a leather interior, microwave and various camera systems, including Lisa Alert blind spot signaling.”

The truck is also equipped with additional lights, a light box and a superstructure with a stainless steel case in which, among other things, is spaced for the battery. Furthermore, the light bracket has been installed with an LED bar and two air horns. Iveco is on Alcoa’s wheels. The combination of black with the striking Swedish flag on the body looks impressive and Hendrik is very impressed with the comfort of the car.