‘Kethel tunnel failure indicates system vulnerability’

The Kethel Tunnel on the A4 near Schiedam was closed in both directions this morning as no personnel were available to monitor traffic on the tunnel tubes. This causes major traffic disruption in the area.

To prevent similar problems in the future, Transport en Logistiek Nederland recommends that government agencies exchange personnel to prevent closures.

The tunnel closes just before the morning rush hour. Tunnel operators are required to intervene in the event of a possible disaster. Two Rijkswaterstaat employees were absent due to illness. No immediate replacement is available.

Vulnerable system

“I think we live in a very strange country if our country is stuck because of the illness of two people. Then we haven’t arranged it well together. The failure of the Ketheltunnel in the morning rush hour indicates a system vulnerability,” said TLN chair Elisabeth Post in response to NPO Radio 1.

“Of course, standing still costs money. They also had to make detours and things came later. And if you’re driving to Hoek van Holland to catch a boat to Great Britain, there’s a risk you’ll miss your departure.”

Photo: Rijkswaterstaat