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News: Dacia launches AR app

News: Dacia launches AR app

While customers can already find and assemble their favorite models online, they will have to wait until October to see the models in real life. First at the Mondial de l’Auto in Paris 2022 and shortly thereafter also at the Dacia dealership. But it could also be done differently: Dacia introduces an augmented reality app for smartphones and tablets: Dacia …

News: Dacia makes 10 millionth car

News: Seat Leon as FR Business Limited Edition

In August 1968, Dacia began assembling its first car, the Dacia 1100. The following year, the iconic Dacia 1300 spawned a whole family of derivative products (station wagon, sedan, sport coupe, commercial vehicle). It remained in production for 35 years and left a significant mark on the Romanian auto landscape. The takeover of the brand by the Renault Group in …