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News: Kia Sportage Becomes Hybrid Tow Car in 2022

News: Kia Sportage Becomes Hybrid Tow Car in 2022

Looking for the Kia Sportage 1.6 T-GD Hybrid GT-PlusLine?bynco has 13 of €35,815,- The 6-member jury, consisting of experts from inside and outside ANWB and readers of the ANWB magazine KampeerKampioen, was impressed in several ways by the Kia Sportage with its emission-friendly powertrain. At the top of the evaluation report is “stable road grip, strong engine power and excellent …

Autozine – Auto Test: Lexus NX

News: Seat Leon as FR Business Limited Edition

The Lexus NX is a mid-sized SUV and is the biggest choice in the segment. Therefore, Lexus clearly distinguishes itself with a distinctively Japanese design that combines warm organic forms with modern technology. It’s more than just a line, as details like the grille pattern, the quality of the finish and the materials used make the difference between an SUV …