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News: Volkswagen starts production ID. buzzing

News: Volkswagen starts production ID.  buzzing

To generate ID. Buzz, the factory in Hanover is being renovated further. An example is the realization of new workshops and new stations on the assembly line for the assembly of electrical parts. “Over the past two years, production facilities have continued to be prepared for the production of our new electric model, while the T6.1 and, since last year, …

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News: Volkswagen ID. Buzz to order now

News: Seat Leon as FR Business Limited Edition

New ID design. The Buzz model is unmistakably inspired by the legendary Volkswagen T1. Distinctive details include a large Volkswagen logo, a V-shape that extends from the grille to the shoulder line, triangular front side windows, wheels positioned at extreme body angles, air vents on the rear pillar, and the option of a two-tone version. Like any other ID model, …

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