The Ihg Hack Vindictive Couple

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In 2017, a couple named Jeremy and Ann Wilson stayed at a hotel owned by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). Little did they know that their credit card information would be stolen by hackers. The Wilsons later discovered that their credit card had been used to make purchases in Mexico.

The Investigation

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Upon realizing their credit card had been compromised, Jeremy and Ann Wilson notified IHG. The company launched an investigation and discovered that hackers had installed malware on the payment systems of several of its hotels.

IHG notified its customers about the breach and recommended that they monitor their credit card statements for any unauthorized activity. The company also offered free credit monitoring to affected customers.

The Lawsuit

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The Wilsons were understandably upset about the breach and the resulting unauthorized charges on their credit card. They decided to sue IHG for damages and requested that the company cover the cost of credit monitoring for the next several years.

However, the Wilsons’ motivations may not have been entirely pure. In a strange twist, it was discovered that the couple had actually made purchases in Mexico during the time period when their credit card information was stolen. This led some to speculate that the Wilsons may have been seeking revenge against IHG for some reason.

The Verdict

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The lawsuit went to trial and the jury ultimately ruled in favor of IHG. The Wilsons were not awarded any damages and were required to pay their own legal fees.

The case serves as a reminder of the importance of cybersecurity and the potential consequences for companies that fail to adequately protect their customers’ sensitive information.


The IHG hack vindictive couple case is a cautionary tale for both companies and customers. Companies must prioritize cybersecurity to protect their customers’ sensitive information, and customers must also take steps to monitor their own credit card statements and report any unauthorized activity immediately.

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