Running Man Ep 637: A Recap of the Funniest Moments

Running Man Ep 637: A Recap of the Funniest MomentsSource: bing.com

The Cast and Guests of Running Man Ep 637

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Running Man is a South Korean variety show that has been on air since 2010. The show features a cast of regular members and occasionally invites celebrity guests to participate in various challenges and missions. Running Man Ep 637, which aired on March 14th, 2021, featured a star-studded lineup of guests including actors Park Seo-joon and IU, comedians Lee Yong-jin and Park Ji-sun, and former national football player Ahn Jung-hwan. In this article, we will recap the funniest moments from Running Man Ep 637.

The Opening Game: The Sleeping Beauty

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The episode started with the cast and guests playing the opening game called “The Sleeping Beauty.” In this game, the participants had to draw a lot to determine their roles as either a prince, a court lady, or a sleeping beauty. The sleeping beauties were blindfolded, and the princes and court ladies had to use various methods to wake them up. The catch was that the sleeping beauties were not allowed to laugh or smile, which proved to be a challenge for the cast and guests.

Park Seo-joon’s Impression of a Sea Lion

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One of the funniest moments from Running Man Ep 637 was when Park Seo-joon was asked to do an impression of a sea lion. The actor, who is known for his serious and intense roles, surprised everyone by doing a hilarious and spot-on impression of a sea lion. His performance had everyone laughing, and he even earned praise from the cast and guests.

Lee Kwang-soo’s Epic Fail in the Name Tag Elimination Game

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The name tag elimination game is a staple of Running Man, and it never fails to produce some of the funniest moments on the show. In Running Man Ep 637, the cast and guests played the name tag elimination game in a water park. Lee Kwang-soo, who is known for his height and long limbs, had a difficult time navigating through the water park and ended up getting eliminated early on in the game. His epic fail had everyone laughing, and even he couldn’t help but laugh at himself.

Park Ji-sun’s Hilarious Dance Performance

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Park Ji-sun, a comedian and actress, was a guest on Running Man Ep 637, and she quickly became a fan favorite with her hilarious dance performance. In one of the games, the participants had to do a dance that corresponded to the number on the die. Park Ji-sun’s dance moves had everyone laughing, and the cast and guests couldn’t help but join in on the fun.

Ahn Jung-hwan’s Impression of a Chicken

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Ahn Jung-hwan, a former national football player, was another guest on Running Man Ep 637. He was asked to do an impression of a chicken, and his performance had everyone in stitches. Ahn Jung-hwan, who is known for his serious and stoic demeanor, showed off his funny and playful side in this episode.

The Final Game: The Water Bomb Roulette

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The final game of Running Man Ep 637 was the water bomb roulette. In this game, the participants had to spin a roulette wheel to determine the number of water bombs they had to hold. The catch was that some of the water bombs were filled with flour instead of water, and the participants had to try to avoid getting hit with the flour bombs. The game produced some hilarious moments, including IU getting hit with a flour bomb and Park Ji-sun getting revenge on Lee Kwang-soo.


Running Man Ep 637 was a hilarious and entertaining episode that showcased the comedic talents of the cast and guests. From Park Seo-joon’s sea lion impression to Park Ji-sun’s dance performance, the episode was filled with memorable moments that had everyone laughing. If you’re a fan of comedy and variety shows, Running Man Ep 637 is definitely worth watching.

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