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News: Lancia is back in 2024


Lancia’s ten-year plan begins in 2024 with the new Lancia Ypsilon, a B-segment that is about 4 meters long and will ship with 100% electric drive. The new flagship will follow in 2026. At 4.6 meters long, the brand is looking to join the largest segment in Europe. 2028 will be the new year of the 4.4-meter “Delta”, an almost sculpted and muscular car, with geometric lines that should appeal to car enthusiasts across Europe.


The ten-year plan has a clear electrification strategy. Starting in 2026, Lancia will only introduce 100% electric vehicles and from 2028 will only sell fully electric cars. There is a lot of attention to the electrification process, but that’s not all. It will also use innovative materials extensively, making Lancia the brand with the highest percentage of recycled materials within parent company Stellantis.

SALA, Sound Air Light Augmented (sala means living room in Italian), will be a minimalist and smart virtual interface that gives customers complete control over the vehicle cabin. With the use of a single button, everything from the sound system, air conditioning and lighting can be controlled.

Three criteria led to the selection of countries. The first is the love and passion for “Made in Italy”, with Spain, Belgium and France leading the way. The second is the relevance of online sales, with the Netherlands and Germany leading the way. The third is the premium segment B dimension, with all of these countries in the top five. These five countries are the first step in the process of internationalizing the brand, which will be present in Europe in 60 major cities with a network of 100 dealers and 50% of online sales.